Police: Franklin mom ignored warning, hosted drinking party for teens

Monday, August 23, 2010 at 6:37pm
Staff reports

A Franklin woman faces misdemeanor charges after police there said they found 11 minors drinking at a party in the Fieldstone Farms subdivision Friday night.

Franklin police, who said they received calls from neighbors complaining of loud music, responded to Kimberly Jill Benson’s home at 6 Prescott Place around 10:45 p.m. Friday. Eleven underage children between the ages of 15 and 17 were allegedly drinking alcohol.

The children were charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol, and Benson, 44, who was home during the party, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Earlier on Friday, police warned Benson of the consequences of allowing children to drink and use drugs at her home after they received calls from concerned parents that a party was planned there that night.

According to Franklin police, the home also smelled of burnt marijuana, but police were told the minors who smoked the marijuana left as officers arrived.

Benson is due in court on Sept. 2 and faces up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

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By: nature on 8/23/10 at 7:04

Dude! Everything is great until someone chokes on a potatoe chip. Busted. Nobody even has to drive home drunk. All it takes is disturbing a neighbor. Busted. Oh, well. Best thing to do is tell your beautiful little 16 yr. old to have fun, keep the music down, and I'll be at a hotel till tomorrow. And by the way no party inside, no drinking inside, and no bongs inside. Love ya. Bye.

By: govskeptic on 8/24/10 at 5:06

I've never heard of the Police giving a pre-party warning to a homeowner
before. This would only happen in sin-free Williamson Co. Ms. Benson
has a problem within the home and certainly one with neighbors!

By: bfra on 8/24/10 at 5:31

gov - The Police had complaints from parents, prior to the party. Why wouldn't they follow up on a complaint? The article probably doesn't include, the parents had reason to believe this would happen.

By: bart37064 on 8/24/10 at 6:21

What is the suitable punishment? Should she get the maximum? What happens if another parent serves YOUR child, and that child is hurt or killed as a result? What if a drunk 16 year old from Ms. Benson's party runs over YOU?
- Bart

By: skeptic1 on 8/24/10 at 6:32

Did you mean to say 11 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor? If she gets off with only a fine for 1count, that would be a serious miscarriage of justice. She knew the law and she was warned. I guess you don't have to be a politician to have that sense of entitlement...that laws aren't meant for you. AND if the other parents knew this drinking would be going on, why did they let their children attend the party? Hey, you parents out there, if you don't care enough to discipline your kids stop having them! They just become useless losers and a drain on society. I might suspect that your unwanted children are results of drunken binges at underage drinking parties.

By: foxforcefive on 8/24/10 at 6:34

Foxy D I would rather have an alive child with a hangover than a dead one. How many kids get killed every year driving under the influence? It is a dicey situation either way. I would HOPE one of her rules would be no driving after a single sip or toke. This is one of many reasons I have dogs instead of kids.

By: freddy on 8/24/10 at 7:20


Ms. Benson is clearly an idiot and a threat. May she be imprisoned for a long time. Thin the herd!

By: BigPapa on 8/24/10 at 7:21

It never pays to be the "cool" parent. The logic appears to be prudent. "Id rather they drink here than out some where else." Well that's Ok for YOUR kid, but once the others start to flock over, well... prepare for a fat lawsuit when a kid kills himself or someone else.

By: youmustbekiddingme on 8/24/10 at 7:47

I wonder how many of those kids belonged to the concerned parents who called in the alert?

By: Stealthy5 on 8/24/10 at 8:44

It doesn't matter who the kids belonged to. I don't want to see a bunch of skinny jeans wearing shaggy haired CHILDREN boozing it up in the front yard of a home in my neighborhood. Benson is an idiot and should be in jail. I don't care if parents have to chain their kids to their beds to keep them out of situations such as this - they need to do it. You have plenty of time to be an idiot AFTER you turn 21. Rest assured, the rest of the neighborhood WILL be watching this home like hawks. Take you party elsewhere.

By: global_citizen on 8/24/10 at 10:53

This is what you get when some 40-something mom wants to be her kids' best friend and at the same time get to relive her own younger days. It's pathetic.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/24/10 at 1:38

stay classy.

By: Nash19 on 8/26/10 at 3:21

She a Cougar perhaps?