Police ID victim, expect to charge other driver in fatal early morning crash

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 12:45pm
Staff reports

The driver who police say is responsible for the early morning fatal wreck on Interstate 65 north near Wedgewood Avenue is expected to face a vehicular homicide charge once she is released from the hospital.

At 4 a.m. Wednesday, according to police, 22-year-old Rebecca Benson drove her 2006 Lexus south onto the northbound lanes of the interstate just before crashing head-on into a van driven by Steffanie Leonard, 29, of Franklin.

Leonard died at the scene.

Benson, of Antioch, was critically injured and was being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Wednesday.

According to police, Benson entered the interstate at Broadway just prior to the crash, and officers first on the scene reported smelling alcohol on Benson. She also acknowledged drinking prior to the collision, police said.

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By: Left-of-Local on 2/22/12 at 1:21

This dumb b*tch. Hope she goes away for a LONG time.

By: dargent7 on 2/23/12 at 7:22

This tragic story is more in depth over at The Tennessean.
She was so drunk, she told cops, "I thought I was in a cab". They drew blood and I bet her BAC was .25+.
The prison sentence is 8-12 years.
We shall see.

By: Eye Nose & Now ... on 2/23/12 at 9:40

MOST of those leaving bars at that time of night are over the .08 limit. Why don't
they start spot checking the bars' customers when they leave. Would definitely
bring in some money and would probably save some lives.

By: JayBee56 on 2/24/12 at 10:13

Agreed. Catching them as they come out would save having to chase them down. But somehow that would be unfair and profiling.