Police identify woman killed in motorcycle crash

Monday, June 7, 2010 at 1:39pm
Staff reports

Metro police said Krista Hindahl of Owensboro, Ky., was killed Sunday morning when another driver attempted to make a left turn across Highway 100 from the exit ramp of Natchez Trace Parkway.

Hindahl, 42, was the passenger on a Harley Davidson motorcycle being driven by her husband, Jeffrey, eastbound on Highway 100 when the driver of a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser made a prohibited left hand turn in front of the couple.

The Harley crashed into the driver’s side of the car throwing both riders onto the roadway.

Krista Hindahl was run over by the car and died at the scene. Jeffrey Hindahl, 49, was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he is in stable condition. The driver of the PT Cruiser, Shirley Tucker, 58, was transported to St. Thomas Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Tucker, of Hohenwald, Tennessee, told investigators that as she exited Natchez Trace Parkway onto Highway 100, she slowed down to turn left into the Shell station at 8456 Highway 100.

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By: yazoo on 6/7/10 at 3:18

The off ramp of the Natchez Trace is one of the most unusual ramps I've ever encountered. For some reason every single driver rolling off of that ramp onto Highway 100 seems to think THEY have the right of way and just jam you out of the way. Ridiculous. And they also think they can veer across both lanes to patronize the Shell and /or the Loveless Cafe (and theme park - coming soon~~!) I've resorted to driving the longer route and use McCrory lane to reach the Interstate instead of driving through that thicket of bad driving.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/8/10 at 7:43

Motorcycles are everywhere.

Especially around the Natchez Trace area.

By: calpalntn on 6/8/10 at 11:46

It doesnt matter whether it was a motorcycle or vehicle. They come flying off the Trace and think they have right of way...and they dont. The area needs to be reconsidered...its a death trap. My prayers are with the families.

Motorcyclist are always telling vehicles to look out for them but have you seen how some of them drive??! They take suicidal risk! Had a motorcylist drive right down the center of Church Street in rush hour traffic with outgoing and incoming lanes bumper to bumper cause he didnt want to wait in traffic and almost got himself killed in the intersection! Seen that TOO many times in the last few weeks with them zooming in/out of traffic cause "everybody is suppose to watch out for them". Well they need to follow the rules of road just like everybody else and then maybe we COULD watchout for them. Goes both ways.

By: Alphadog7 on 6/8/10 at 12:03


In this case who was following the rules of the road and who was breaking them? How thoughtless of you to generalize all motorcyclists together. There are millions of motorcycle riders of all kinds out there. Some are complete idiots (we've all seen them), some are very safe (we've all seen them too, but you don't remember them, they don't stand out.)

Tennessee drivers (car and motorcycle) on average are some of the worst in the country. Our fatality rates back that up. Its seems people around here suffer from severe narcissism when they get behind the wheel. Public Works is complicit with their awful designs, and the Police are too with their complete lack of enforcement of certain laws.

I will await to see if this woman is charged. She wanted to get to that gas station so badly she broke a law and killed someone. Why not have her serve a couple months in jail, and be sentenced to a ton of community service helping to educate other drivers who feel like rules don't really apply to them?

Hey Mayor & Governor, Want to eliminate TN's reputation as a backward state? Start there.