Police make arrest in south Nashville bank robbery

Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 10:49pm
Staff reports

A tip to Crime Stoppers led to the identification and arrest of 24-year-old Ernest Hernandez in connection with Thursday morning’s robbery of a south Nashville bank.

A robber wearing a hood over his head, a bandanna over his mouth and sunglasses entered First Tennessee Bank on Concord Hills Drive at 10:50 a.m. and demanded money, police said. A teller complied and the robber fled the area in a red SUV.

While following up on the Crime Stoppers tip, officers spotted Hernandez on Tulip Grove Road. He was taken into custody by the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force and is being charged federally with bank robbery.

Hernandez’s potential connection to other Nashville area bank robberies remains under investigation.

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By: Blanketnazi2 on 4/23/10 at 7:29

federal charges - nice....


By: BEOWULF on 4/23/10 at 8:56

BEOWULF: I 2nd that emotion, Blanketnazi2. 4 those who don't know, Federal time is served w/o parole; 20 yrs = 20 yrs served!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 4/23/10 at 10:03

yep -and none of that 10 years = 2 years bs!

By: DDG on 4/23/10 at 11:09

Another punk off the streets...good job.

By: Cookie47 on 4/23/10 at 2:05

Why can't we get the same kind of sentencing on the state level? This isn't a rhetorical question. Does anyone know?


By: Blanketnazi2 on 4/23/10 at 3:21

Cookie, sentencing guidelines vary by state. right now there is a bill to revise the sentencing guidelines. please contact your representatives and tell them you want them revised and for violent offenders to serve full sentences.

By: anonymous8 on 4/23/10 at 3:23

I actually knew Ernie & I am in total shock this~ i would not have guessed that he would do something like this. i know that he was bad off financially and addicted to some hardcore pain meds, but he was actually trying to get help cause he knew he had a problem. This is an example of how you can never truly know everything about a person & even if you think you do there is always a possibility that something like this can happen! He is a veteran diagnosed with PTSD and a very sweet & caring individual. I know he would never harm a soul, yet he made a dumb, irrational decision & now he must live with the consequences of it for a LONG time! God bles him and others that need help and struggle daily to find themselves again! I am not making excuses for him or what he has done, yet I want others to simply know that he was not a mean or uneducated little hoodlum running around the streets. He simply got messed up after he came back from war and was never able to recoop and made multitudes of bad choices that eventually led to his downfall, such as this incident!

By: richgoose on 4/24/10 at 6:46

Crime Stoppers tip got him. He stopped for gas and paid for the gas with cash. The attendent said "Where did you get all that money? "Last week you borrowed two dollars from me." The fellow said "You can get all you need down at First Tennessee on Concord road."

By: rachelyn22 on 4/25/10 at 9:57

Ernie is a good person! He just needed help with finances. I do feel sorry for the person he encountered at the bank. That must have been terrifying. He fought for our country & for our freedom. It is sad that his is now going to be taken away. He is a veteran who suffers from PTSD & needs help overcoming that. Of course instead of the government standing behind their soldiers they just let them go after being injured & don't care what help they need getting back into a "normal" society after such a traumatic experience overseas. He should have been able to get gov't money to help him with what he needed instead of resorting to stealing. What he did was wrong, I understand that & hopefully he can get help now to overcome some of his issues created by war. To walk into a bank and ask for money probably came pretty easy for him to do since he was used to walking the streets in a foreign country getting shot at (and yes he was shot in the war) and not knowing if he was going to live through the day or not. My prayers are with him.

By: ernlocc on 2/2/13 at 11:06

For the record...

I did what I did out of desperation. I feel bad about it, that I had to resort to such drastic measures and the impact I had on others. I didn't get caught bragging about my crimes at a gas station. That's ridiculous!

Everyone wants to post about what they think they know. The truth is, they don't know much about this sort of thing.

I served 85% of my federal sentence in prison and it's now behind me. My military experiences were life altering, but that's not an excuse. My frame of mind was so distorted that in some crazy way, I believed that I was owed by the governement.

Since I couldn't get the financial assistance I needed from the Veteran's Affairs, I went out and took it. But with all of that, came addictions and guilt. I was wrong, I was caught, and I owned up to my transgressions and served my debt to society.

I am redeemed and never will go back to that type of behavior again. Thank you to all who understand and support me in my life.

Don't rob banks! High risk, low reward. Trust me, I know.