Police release sketch of suspect in infant abduction

Friday, October 2, 2009 at 6:33am
Staff reports

Despite new leads every hour, the release of a vehicle photo, the combing of Maria Gurrolla’s home, tiny newborn Yair Anthony Carillo is nowhere to be found this morning.

Metro Police released a sketch of the suspect in hopes the public can help locate the woman believed to have abducted the infant after attacking Gurrolla, the boy’s mother with a kitchen knife on Tuesday and fleeing with the newborn.

Family members, many of whom were on hand at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Wednesday when a recovering Gurrolla spoke to media, are growing more concerned by the hour as police try to solve this puzzle. Gurrolla was released Thursday from the hospital.

Metro Police reported that it has a sketch on the abductor from Gurrolla's description of her, but said the department was not ready to release it.

Police did release a Wal-mart surveillance camera photo of a dark-colored Kia Spectra that parked next to Gurrolla’s car while the mother shopped there Tuesday. Police have said the driver of the Spectra might have followed Gurrolla to her house.

The car appeared to have an out-of-state license plate, said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron.

“All that I can tell you is I was attacked in my home,” Gurrolla had told reporters in Spanish on Wednesday. A cousin, Norma Rodriguez, acted as an interpreter.

Visibly bruised from Tuesday’s ordeal, Gurrolla recounted how the unknown robust white woman knocked on her door and identified herself as an immigration officer.

According to reports, Gurrolla and the assailant became involved in a physical struggle before the assailant found a small knife in the house and turned it on the mother. Gurrolla was stabbed nine times, police said.

At no point did the suspect show any interest in the boy or say she planned on taking him, the mother said. The child was on the sofa during the struggle. Gurrolla fled the scene for help, and when she returned the baby was gone.

Metro police, TBI and FBI are collaborating on the investigation.