Police searching 12South for armed and dangerous gunman

Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 11:39am
Staff reports

Metro police have named Timothy Jutodd Batey as the suspect in the Wednesday night shooting that injured three people including a toddler at the Edgehill Homes.

Three aggravated assault warrants have been issued against Batey, 18, who police believe shot Garcia Frazier, 25, in the leg. Latricia Fletcher,18, also suffered a graze wound to her leg and her 22-month-old niece, Blessing Fletcher, whom she was holding at the time, was hit in the foot.

Police are continuing to search for Batey, whose last known address was at 2400 Buena Vista Pike. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Frazier told police he went to the 1300 block of 12th Avenue South to visit a friend and while talking on his cell phone around 10:30 p.m. noticed a man with a gun in his waistband.

When Batey heard Frazier mention the gun while on the phone, he appeared to reach for a gun, according to police. Frazier was shot in the leg after he tried to run.

Frazier was admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in stable condition, and Blessing Fletcher was admitted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, also in stable condition. Latricia Fletcher was treated and released.

Batey is also wanted on aggravated assault and domestic assault charges involving a physical dispute with his ex-girlfriend on July 12.

Police urge anyone with knowledge of Batey’s whereabouts to call Crime Stoppers 74-CRIME.


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By: AmyLiorate on 7/29/10 at 9:51

Would it help the public to know the name and description of the gunman?

We know more about the victims than we do the perpetrator.

Be On the LookOut for a "gunman".

By: house_of_pain on 7/29/10 at 11:45

The other paper says this happened @ 12 South...WTF?

By: Nash19 on 7/29/10 at 3:48

Descripion? To be "fair" the description is as follows: "A non white misguided youth who has been kept down by the Man."

By: MetalMan on 7/30/10 at 7:25

Nash19, you can't say "non white;" that's racial profiling and will get YOU in trouble with the man!

By: budlight on 7/30/10 at 7:45

Amy, isn't it enough to post his photo? I can see he is black, has tented pointy eyebrows, mean looking dark eyes, a scar under the corner of his right eye on his cheek running vertical, a broad flat nose, small ears, an obama-like hair cut and lips done by the same doctor who did Mel Gibson's girl friend's and the Octo mom's lips. His are just more pouty!

He's mean looking and I hope they catch him soon.

By: budlight on 7/30/10 at 7:47

I have a question: IF Black is a color we can't use, then what is White? I thought White was a color. They make white crayons. So no more calling me white, please. I'll be offended and uncomfortable if you do.

New racial descriptions: Please enter your suggestions here.

By: fightcrib on 7/30/10 at 8:02

Unfortunatly, they were unable to provide a description of the suspect. So, as precaution, consider any and all residents of Edgehill homes armed and dangerous.

In other words, what I already do everyday anyway.

Fightcrib, BNA

By: budlight on 7/30/10 at 8:06

Fightcrib, isn't a photo of him in the paper working for you?

By: fightcrib on 7/30/10 at 8:49

Budlight, good point.

After fleeing the scene, the suspect went for food at Taco Mamacita, a nearby eatery in the neighborhood.

On another note, if you are young and white like me and you want to buy a house close to Vanderbilt, then this neighborhood near Edgehill Homes is your only affordable option if you don't make mad crazy coin. You'll just have to deal with occasional shootins like this just man up and grow a pair. it'll get better in time maybe.

Fightcrib, BNA

By: BEOWULF on 7/30/10 at 9:24

BEOWULF : Come on guys & gals. This poor misguided youth, held down by the man will give himself up, spin his sad tale, and take his just dues. The rehab won't take long and he'll rejoin society...sure to kill the next time!

By: budlight on 7/30/10 at 11:50

YOu know guys, I had a conversation with a man of "color" yesterday and he said all of "this" is to be blamed on rich white folks. I can't quite understand that logic cause I'm a middle class white folk with no one to blame except myself.

By: dangerlover on 7/30/10 at 3:38

Fightcrib, this guy is going to come banging on your door and punch you in the face before he shoots you. And you better watch out, cause he is in pretty good shape. I mean, most of the UT basketball team is, and he is not an exception.

By: budlight on 7/31/10 at 8:46

so dangerlover, are you saying "THIS guy" is you? Or the punk in the photo? You better watch out for those threats cause if something happens to fightcrib, I'm pointing the "fanger" at you, dangerlover. And when you do bad things, and leave a trail -- well, you know the cops CAN FIND YOU.

By: dangerlover on 8/1/10 at 6:46

No, budlight, I don't play basketball for UT, so there is no reason to fear me. I'm just saying that if I was fightcrib, I wouldn't be so eager to make fun of a UT basketball player.

After tracing fightcrib's ip address and finding his mac address by hacking his network router, and then tracing it to his ISP's local repeater, I can tell you that he does indeed live close to the area where this student athlete is being hunted.

By: Loretta Bridge on 8/2/10 at 5:00

Doesn't matter. If they catch him he will be out in a few months on good behavior and ready to kill someone.