Proposal to connect West End and north Nashville back on table

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 5:59pm

A proposal to build a street connector on 28th Avenue North, bridging parts of West End with north Nashville, is back on the table.

The 28th Avenue Connector –– a project discussed by residents and Metro officials for years –– had been a part of Mayor Karl Dean’s capital spending plan for the current fiscal year, but spending projects were temporarily delayed following May flooding.

A bill authorizing the acquisition of property for the 28th Avenue Connector, via negotiations or condemnation, is now set to go before the Metro Council on Sept. 7. The council will consider the ordinance on the first of three votes.

Mayor’s office spokeswoman Janel Lacy said Dean intends to include funds to construct the 28th Avenue Connector when a new capital spending plan is submitted to the council this year.

The connector would unite the stretch of 28th Avenue North that ends at Charlotte Avenue with 31st Avenue North, which stops at Park Plaza near the headquarters of HCA Inc.

The idea behind the project is to bridge neighborhoods by enhancing street access from north Nashville destinations like Metro General Hospital, Meharry Medical College and Tennessee State University to West End’s Vanderbilt University, Centennial Medical Center and HCA. Lacking direct access, drivers must currently navigate through side streets to go from one neighborhood to the other.

“It will ease the traffic flow through there,” said Councilwoman Edith Langster, who represents the area.

Langster also stressed the 28th Avenue Connector would only affect the industrial district near the railroad tracks, not the nearby north Nashville business district that includes establishments such as Swett’s Restaurant.

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By: MK-Ultra on 9/1/10 at 4:22

I completely agree .
Yes ,
lets connect a high crime , drug infested , crack smoking , car jacking ,
gang community with better access to the wealthier part of Nashville
so it won't inconvenience them and save time on their way to rob and
burglarize our neighborhoods , businesses .

Who is going to pay for the increase in our home owners insurance ?

Burial expenses ?

Devaluation of property ?

Now everyone can experience the Ghetto up close and personal !

By: richgoose on 9/1/10 at 4:29

This could be a ruse to catch more of the criminals who originate in the North Nashville Bordeaux area.

The police may be setting up a watch around flag pole hill above HCA. As the homeowner calls come in to describe the car and people who have just robbed or shot them the police can arrest them as they go over the hill to the dope store.

By: dangerlover on 9/1/10 at 4:39

I completely agree MK-ultra. I live in the West End Park Area (right next to 31st ave) and there is way too much cut through traffic as it is. The only thing this "bridge" will do is encourage more cut through traffic and allow easier access to our neighborhood for the thugs in the ghetto. (I'm sure there are perfectly nice people who live over there too, but I don't really care.)

By: theone on 9/1/10 at 6:44

To the MK-Ultra, richgoose, and dangerlover-- Thanks for showing the world how stupid you really are.

By: dangerlover on 9/1/10 at 6:46

Do you live in the area? Then shut up about it.

By: nature on 9/1/10 at 6:58

I agree with dangerlover,MK-Ultra, and richgoose. I live in E. Nashville. I would hate to see what would happen if some type of traffic fix would empty N. Nashville into E. Nashville. Talking about rise in crime. Black on black is insidious and thoughtless. Instead of a new connector street, lets do something about young people, white, brown, or black killing each other. It would do the community better to stop the killing. A road could be built later.

By: theone on 9/1/10 at 6:59

Actually, I live in the same area as you--so you shut up about it!

By: nature on 9/1/10 at 7:00

Time to go to bed. I meant to black on black crime is insidious. Thank you.

By: dangerlover on 9/1/10 at 7:09

Then you are a moron if you are in support of this "bridge." Forget the connection to an area of tremendous crime. It's DANGEROUS navigating the streets of West End Park in the morning because of all the cars speeding through our residential streets to get to work by avoiding West End Ave. Providing a more streamlined path to Charlotte will only encourage more cars, more traffic, more speeding through our neighborhood.

Notice the new graffiti on signs in our area? If you think it's anything but gangs you might be legally retarded.

By: kthieleke on 9/1/10 at 7:50


By: xhexx on 9/2/10 at 6:28

Yeah, more traffic and congestion on West End? Yeah, that's the ticket.
But as usual, it would be racist not to build it.

By: virginia ming on 9/2/10 at 7:38

I have a mental picture of all of you hovered over your computers wearing bath robes and eating store-bought pizza while feeding the leftovers to your 3 dozen cats. I often wonder if you have jobs, families, and lives in general. From the frequency of the posts some of you make, I am led to believe that you don't. Your vocation seems to be posting anonymous and ill-informed comments on internet articles.

The connector will allow for direct access to the commercial areas of West End from the I-40/28th Avenue exit, limiting the volume at Murphy Road and at the WE/440 interchange. I bet crime doesn't change as the neighborhoods in this area are already easily accessible from all points.

By: howelln on 9/2/10 at 8:08

I live in the neighborhood and use the road by HCA as a cut through. I think it will ease traffic in the West Park area b/c people working at HCA and the hospitals will exit I-40 at 28th Ave and cut across on the connector instead of getting off at Murphy Road and winding around thru the neighborhood.
As for crime, there is already easy access by foot. And 28th Ave may not be the hot bed of crime activity that you think it is. I am assuming that you do not drive on it much.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 8:14

This connector should have been built years ago, looks like there are still some cultural bridges that need to be built though. I live just off Jefferson Street, work in Germantown and my wife is a TSU student. I think many of you fear what you don't understand. Lack of connectivity is part of what drives crime in isolated neighborhoods. I40, I440, 3 Freight Rail corridors, and the floodplain of the Cumberland all serve as barriers cutting these neighborhoods off from the rest of the city. Every resident of Nashville benefits from the interstates and railroads that bisect these neighborhoods but many of you care very little about those who live next to them and are negatively impacted by their presence. Many lack the means to leave these economically depressed neighborhoods; others choose to stay because this is their home. Nashville has benefitted greatly from allowing the construction of the transportation corridors that blight these neighborhoods, a transportation project that will actually benefit theses neighborhoods is long overdue. Bring on the connector!


By: richgoose on 9/2/10 at 8:56

The gated community is the last fortress against the onslaught of the underclass. This connectorr is just another easy access avenue from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the heap.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 10:29

Unfortunately the facts don't support your claim; in college I conducted research on gated communities. The reality is that the crime rates for violent crime and property theft are virtually the same in socio-economically comparable neighborhoods regardless if they have a gate, guardhouse, or manned security station. Some instances showed that because the people in gated communities felt safer they were less likely to notice a "moving van" in their neighbor's driveway robbing them of all their valued possessions. The real difference is in perception of safety which leads to higher home prices... that is why developers continue to build gated communities, because the houses sell for more, not because they are actually safer.

richgoose or richsucker?

I think you know what I think.


By: localboy on 9/2/10 at 10:34

"Yes ,
lets connect a high crime , drug infested , crack smoking , car jacking ,
gang community with better access to the wealthier part of Nashville
so it won't inconvenience them and save time on their way to rob and
burglarize our neighborhoods , businesses ."
Exactly right - keep those folks down on West End, we don't need their kind.

By: dangerlover on 9/2/10 at 10:49

Howelln, why don't they do that already? I mean HCA is only like 100 yards down park plaza from 28th ave...I don't see 100 yards making a whole lot of people change their route. I have no desire to see 31st avenue become a high traffic road.

The argument that the bridge will encourage crime is a fairly weak one, but what those of you who don't live in the neighborhood don't understand is that it is a weekly occurence to see broken car windows and new gang graffiti in West End Park. Where does it come from? It's not Vanderbilt or Sylvan Park or Centennial Park or Elliston street...

By: richgoose on 9/2/10 at 10:57

Now,now NOB,,,,,,You cannot get that much credible data on the connector to Centennial Blvd.

By: orangey on 9/2/10 at 12:39

Wow, what mean spirited comments. Racism, classism and misinformed opinions about neighbors and neighborhoods rule here.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 12:40

My opinions are based on facts and published peer-reviewed research. While many of your opinions on this subject like many of the other commenter’s on this article are antidotal, knee-jerk reactions that amount to arm-chair quarterbacking. It's clear from the content and tone of these posts that many of you have only a vague idea of what it is like to live in an urban neighborhood, and have no idea about real solutions to the problems they face, which is why I find it offensive that you would claim to know what goes on there. So far, the only solutions you put forth for the problems these communities face is to keep them isolated and seek to prevent any improvements to their situation that you think might have the potential to negatively impact other more affluent areas of the city. Oscar Newman wrote a book in 1972 called Defensible Space, Crime Prevention Through Urban Design, and since then there has been a mountain of factual, evidence-based research on this subject, if you really are interested in this topic go to the library, or volunteer in one of these neighborhoods, and you'll start to gain an understanding of the real situation and the possible solutions.

But if you’re not really interested in real solutions for our society’s problems and all you want is for your preconceived notions about the "underclass" (as you refer to them) to be reinforced then you can listen to talk radio or fox news. If you post your ill-informed opinions on a public forum like this one expect to be challenged.


By: dangerlover on 9/2/10 at 12:55

Wow, talk about a snobby, elitist tone... richgoose is an obvious moron, I'm not sure why you feel like referencing empirical research will influence him. Through all of your judgmental posturing though, you fail to recognize legitimate concerns over the bridge being put into place. Broken windows theory, for example, states that the simple presence of small crimes (graffiti, broken windows) in a neighborhood can escalate into societal decay and in fact actually encourage communities to decline. The bridge will, in all likelihood, have little effect on the crime in West End Park but will certainly not help it. Your suggestion to help north Nashville by connecting it may have merit, but as a resident of the neighborhood it will be connected to, I protest. Simply put, you are asking a neighborhood to sacrifice for the greater good.

And I don't think you know what the term arm-chair quarterbacking means.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 1:44

I thought dangerlovers were supposed to love danger. But in this case, I don't see any real danger to you or your neighborhood.

You contradict yourself when you say that "The bridge will, in all likelihood, have little effect on the crime in West End Park" and then you turn around and say "you are asking a neighborhood to sacrifice for the greater good". If there is no effect then there is no sacrifice on your part.

The bridge is a good thing for Nashville period. It is one piece in a larger puzzle that will help all of our urban neighborhoods and the businesses they support.

To your other point:

arm•chair quar•ter•back (plural arm•chair quar•ter•backs):
1. viewer who criticizes conduct of games: somebody who is certain that he or she can make better calls than the coaches or players while watching a competitive sport on television
2. giver of unwanted advice: somebody who offers unwanted advice about how to do something or tries to supervise an activity without being asked

Pick either definition, my point is that there are always going to be some who have limited knowledge of a subject but will believe they are somehow capable of making better decisions than those who actually have some skin in the game. These spectators seldom take any actual risks themselves when it comes to the subjects they “armchair quarterback” and I have little patience for this kind of foolishness.


By: dangerlover on 9/2/10 at 1:59

My reference to sacrifice was related to the increase in traffic and POTENTIAL for crime to increase. I completely understand why you would want North Nashville to be better connected; I'm simply saying that as a member of an affected community, I don't. I have little patience for those who think they know everything, and offer tired opinions on subjects that don't affect them. Your use of the term arm-chair quarterback is contextually inaccurate because in this case, the people you refer to are actually in the game. Every member of a community has a right o be involved in decisions made that will affect them.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 2:23

Ignoring everything that I have said and only looking at your comments, is it fair to say that you believe that the connector will definitely help North Nashville, but you also believe that it MIGHT hurt West End Park? And because of your fear of increased crime and increased traffic you are willing to say "No" to the project and deny us, your neighbors, in North Nashville a project that will almost certainly improve our safety and aid in the economic development of our neighborhoods in order to avoid a potential negative impact on you and your property?

What happened to loving your neighbor as yourself?


By: dangerlover on 9/2/10 at 3:05

Yeah I'd say your reading comprehension is pretty good. I think you're dramatizing a little bit...the extent to which a road that saves 1/4 mile of driving will "aid in the economic development" of your neighborhood is minimal at best.

By: richgoose on 9/2/10 at 4:04

Oh my goodness, a debate has begun between people that I fear will use the connector. It is obvious that both are solid supporters of socialism and I do not blame them. If I were of their social and economic status I would be for anything that could "lift me up."

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 4:11

Thanks for the inspiration richgoose. Shouldn't you be protesting the construction of a Mosque somewhere?


By: MK-Ultra on 9/2/10 at 5:42

See , there are those who know .
And those who don't know .

I grew up off West End .
I live off West End today .

I worked off 6th and Jefferson for over 25 years and today I work
off Cowan street .

All my work associates are from North Nashville .

So , I know what is going on on each side of town .

All you need to do is go to and look at the
crime map for Nashville . It will tell you how many , what kind , and
dates of the crimes in any one area .

This connection will open up West End to a high increase in crime .
So , look at the map !!!!

Now who's stupid " TheOne " or should I say " The IngorantOne "

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/2/10 at 10:54

I took your challenge, in the last 3 months (which is as far back as the map goes) the crime rate in my neighborhood (Hope Gardens) is actually lower overall than West End Park. We had a few more violent crimes near-by (assault) but we are still significantly lower than what's going on East of Vandy in the Edgehill and Wedgwood area. Once again your perceptions don't match reality. Why don't you go buy a gun and carry it into the bar with you; at least you'll feel safer as you drink your low carb beer.


By: richgoose on 9/3/10 at 6:49

My dear MYTH O NOB......Surely you have heard the street saying. "You don't eat where you go to bathroom and you don't go to the bathroom where you eat."

Where do you think the perps came from that committed the crimes in the West End Park area?

Don't you remember the question asked of the great bank robber Willie Sutton? Why do you rob banks,Willie" His reply was "that is where the money is"

One good hit in West End Park might take six hits in (Hope Gardens)

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/3/10 at 8:13

I'm pretty sure you're not familiar with the street expression attributed to the notorious B.I.G. which states "Mo money, Mo problems".

You've presented no evidence to support your claim that people from the North side of Charlotte pike are robbing people on the South side of Charlotte pike, but before you waste any more of your time that I'm sure could be better spent, and would bring you more enjoyment if you were to read an Ann Rand novel or the Drudge Report, its pretty clear there will be no resolution here.

You're what the old timers called an "Aginner". Because it doesn't matter who's for it, you're going to be "Aggin” (Against) it. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other articles where you can defend the status quo.


By: richgoose on 9/3/10 at 10:29

MYTH o NOB........I have never heard of the notorious B.I.G. but whomever or whatever it was sure understood the bottom line. "NO MONEY,MO PROBLEMS.

I am familiar with Ann Rand and the Drudge Report" I am against most things that are bringing this country to it's knees. I am for everyone to be held accountable and responsible for their own needs and wants. If that includes robbery,mayhem and cheating I am for separating myself from them.

You on the other hand are for me and people like me to support your "FOR's"

By: dangerlover on 9/3/10 at 11:01

For all your great wealth, richgoose, you apparently didn't bother to get a proper education... "It's" is a contraction of "it is." The word you were looking for is "its," the possessive form of "it."

By: richgoose on 9/3/10 at 11:33

dangerlover........You are absouletly correct in your grammatical statement. I wonder how many students at Hillwood,Hunters Lane,Glencliff,Maplewood and Stratford would think you are a nit for thinking that is important to their life.

You should be proud of your grammar skills. I am certainly impressed.

By: Myth_of_the_Nob... on 9/3/10 at 10:08

I wonder how many students from Hillwood, Hunters Lane, Glencliff, Maplewood and Stratford richgoose actually knows by name.


By: WestEndCitizen on 9/4/10 at 12:42

If at this time of recession and natural catastrophe, Metro Council wants to expend millions of dollars, perhaps they might consider other priorities.

I offer the following.

From the article:

"... spending projects were temporarily delayed following May flooding." Well a hint is there somewhere ...

Contact some of your constituents, perhaps some of the thousands of home owners impacted by the flood who have not even filed for building permits in Davidson County. They might have a suggestion or two. Suspect they might not have this particular project at the top of their list. If the council member promotes this proposal as a priority in a face to face setting, recommend the council member be positioned next to the closest exit.

Ask your constituents if they want to pay additional taxes to fund this project.

I also feel if Metro government really wishes emphasize the transportation net, fundamental roadway maintenance and repair should be a priority. And only then after that issue is adequately addressed, implement a legitimate mass transit system. Far too many vehicles on the roads now. As the population grows no way can the road system handle additional vehicles. Mass transit would be more cost effective than these road projects which will be gridlocked upon completion. And even more overloaded as the population grows.

By: richgoose on 9/4/10 at 7:02

MYTH O NOB......It is our policy to require that any potential employee who might have contact with the public be able to communicate verball and in writing.

To that end we place a blind ad in the local newspaper stating our position,our requirements and our benefits. We ask that any applicant interested reply with a
resume of skills,education and other qualifications

This has been my only contact with students from the schools mentioned. By the way we have hired some from these schools.