Prostitution sting nets 17 alleged johns

Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 3:41am
Staff reports

Metro Police's Hermitage Precinct and Specialized Investigations Division detectives charged 17 men with patronizing prostitution Tuesday and Wedenesday after the defendants allegedly agreed to pay a female undercover officer for sex.

The undercover officer was propositioned as she walked on Murfreesboro Pike between Plus Park Boulevard and Wilhagan Road, police said.

Those charged are identified as:
Alberto Barron, 28, of Nashville
Ricky Ward, 50, of Lebanon
Kaleb Waller, 20, of Nashville
L. Christopher Sander, 20, of Smyrna
Abdifatah B. Jama, 22, of Nashville
Joseph Boyd, 61, of Nashville
W. Michael Griffin, 62, of Brentwood
Miguel Rodriguez, 27, of Antioch
David Manning, 49, of Nashville
Mitchell Frederick, 51, of Nolensville
Magdy Mady, 43, of Nashville
Larry Wurth, 30, of Hermitage
Walter Word, 36, of Lebanon
Brian Costigan, 46, of Franklin
Lane Edwards, 45, of Nashville
Larry Kinsey, 31, of Nashville
Luis Viciconti, 38, of Mt. Juliet

Photos of the suspects are available on the Metro Police Website.

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By: eastnashville37207 on 5/7/09 at 2:58

Busted one minute and back out on the streets to continue a life of crime. With many Johns, drugs are involved but no mention of any drugs in this article.

By: idgaf on 5/7/09 at 5:10

Something really creepy and lazy about makeing these kinds of arrests. The "girls" are just moved to another place or left in place. These guys pictures have to be posted WHY? Especially before trial.

Lets see pictures of real criminals before they are convicted so we can protect ourselves before we are victims. The ACLU would be all over the citys butt.

By: scraigtn on 5/7/09 at 5:39

Its so reassuring to know that the Nashville Police are getting these "dangerous" criminals off the streets. The citizens of Nashville are getting tired of the police wasting their time on murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gang violence. The police should also create an entire division dedicated to ridding the streets of those hated jaywalkers. Oh, and let's waste more money and employee time by creating a website so those jaywalkers can have their pictures posted online.

By: tenntom on 5/7/09 at 6:11

The Metro Police Department has been doing this for decades. They have a "sting" and the names and photos of the "perps" are published in the papers. At this point, those accused have already been punished before any trial takes place. They lose their jobs and/or their relationships/marriages just because their names and mug shots appeared in the press.

Often, they never go to court because the charges are dropped. Authorities know they have already done their damage.

I have no problem with arresting and punishing people who violate the law. However, under these circumstances, it leaves too much power in the hands of law enforcement. What is to stop them from going after anyone they wish- accusing them, arresting them, publishing their names and photos, and then quitely dropping the charges. The media should refrain from printing the personal information until they have had their day in court.

By: pandabear on 5/7/09 at 6:46

The ACLU is pissed because the police haven't been giving
equal time to trapping homos.

What male policeman would voluteer to "trap" them ?

None. All. A few good men...

Let's see a web site of that

...and then we'll start with the wife beaters...

By: Kosh III on 5/7/09 at 7:09

I am gratified to know that all serious crime has been eliminated and we can now focus on a futile effort to eliminate something which has been around for millenia.

Where's the website dedicated to burglars, hedge fund traders, carjackers and other serious crimes?

By: idgaf on 5/7/09 at 7:26

The radio is reporting that one of those arrested was a teacher. Notice how slurpass goes after the easy targets that produce revenue.

By: BigPapa on 5/7/09 at 7:51

While we can debate whether prostitution should even be a crime, you can't argue against chasing them off. If anything they help continue to blight an area, drive down property values, chase away businesses, and increase other crimes.

So I don't look at arresting w hores any different than citing people for not mowing their yard.

By: matahari on 5/7/09 at 9:15

Prostitution doesn't exist in a vacuum. Drug dealers are often also pimps, and the girls are often users themselves. Men who "patronize" the business are helping to keep it all running smoothly. The police are going after the problem from many angles. It's not a harmless or victimless crime. There is a whole lot more going on than just sex.

By: airvols on 5/7/09 at 9:18

This is just a waste of time with the Metro Police Department. I haven't see the news this morning but I bet someone was murdered in Nashville overnight and the police are out looking for Johns. Focus on real crimes and stop this waste of taxpayer dollars.