Public Works brush pickup jumps sharply from June to July

Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 6:05pm

In one of the more noteworthy month-to-month statistical changes the Metro Public Works Department has seen recently, the department reported 4,243 tons of residential brush picked up and recycled in July compared to 2,692 tons in June.

Gwen Hopkins-Glascock, public works spokeswoman, said month-to-month statistics the department tracks in approximately 55 categories often vary, but typically not as significantly as those of the brush pickup numbers.

“I would say the brush statistic is related to the fact we had an extreme spring and early summer in storms,” Glascock said. “The number for June may have been less than July’s number because we were somewhat behind in our pick-up schedule.”

In contrast, the department saw a major drop in tons of illegally dumped refuse collected. In July, the department picked up and disposed of 20 tons of refuse. In June, the number was 136 tons.

As for illegally dumped refuse picked up, Glascock said the month-to-month numbers can vary wildly, citing previous months of such variation.

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By: Community-carl-... on 8/19/11 at 7:05

The brush from this past spring's storms has been sitting on the curbs in my neighborhood for months. It's an eyesore, a health hazard, and a fire hazard.
....We've been told that there is no funding available to enable the brush to be picked up in a timely manner.

But, by golly, we're going to have a new convention center that we don't need!

By: BigPapa on 8/19/11 at 7:18

I sincerely think people want basic services like this over convention centers, minor league baseball fields, etc.. People like to have police, fire, some side walks, parks, trash & brush pick up, pot holes repaired...

Do these things and most people will be happy. Instead we get over the top spending on insane projects, while the basics go to pot.

By: san r on 8/20/11 at 11:02

that's life in the BIG CITY. look at l.a., new york all your cronies home territories. you VOTED.

By: gm0168 on 8/22/11 at 2:45

I agree with the comments above. This city has by far the WORST Public Works Dept of any city in which I have ever lived. I have brush from the May storm that is STILL in my front yard. Its an eyesore and a health hazard.....There are only 3 times a year when brush is picked up. Absolutely ridiculous.......