Randolph Maidens appears in court at hearing regarding dead wife’s estate

Monday, June 24, 2013 at 4:48pm

Randolph Maidens, the Brentwood man who allegedly killed his wife Rachael Maidens at their Governors Club home, appeared before Judge Robbie T. Beal Monday in Williamson County Civil Court for a hearing regarding his wife’s estate.

At issue in the civil matter is essentially what part and how much of the estate will go to the 2-year-old daughter of the couple and what part and how much can Randolph Maidens use in his defense of the homicide charge he is facing.

Very little was resolved at Monday’s hearing.

Kathleen McClellan, attorney for the estate of Rachael Maidens, told the court that she and Randolph Maidens’ attorneys had agreed to a July 22 temporary injunction hearing, and asked that the temporary restraining order that barred him from access to the home, finances and contact with her family be amended so that through his attorneys Randolph could access financial records for purposes of historical data as well as learning amounts in bank accounts.

Randolph Maidens does not have access to Rachael Maidens finances at this time nor does this agreement allow it.

Both parties arrived at court at 9 a.m. Monday but were forced to wait for five and a half hours for their case to come up on the docket. As he waited, Randolph Maidens sat staring straight ahead and motionless in one corner of the courtroom next to his sister while less than 30 feet away sat Elizabeth Frisbie, Rachael’s mother, surrounded by friends.

Randolph Maidens is currently out on bond and will be back in Williamson County Criminal Court on Tuesday to face an argument by District Attorney Kim Helper that his $750,000 bond be increased.