Rapper's chilling lyrics eerily similar to McNair's murder

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 6:50pm

One name that continues to surface in the ongoing investigation into the murder of Titans legend Steve McNair is that of Keith Norfleet, the ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi.

Little has been revealed about Norfleet.

“As far as Mr. Norfleet is concerned, we had to interview him based on his... prior relationship with Ms. Kazemi,” Aaron said Monday. “Obviously he had certain thoughts about her relationship with Steve McNair. We needed to find out what he knew, what she may have told him in the past as we tried to put the pieces together. As far as the word ‘suspect’ is concerned, we really haven’t used the word suspect since the weekend.”

Norfleet attended Orange Park High, located outside of Jacksonville, Fla., with Kazemi. He reportedly moved from the Jacksonville area to Nashville with Kazemi not long ago.

On the day that McNair and Kazemi's bodies were discovered, Norfleet admitted that he had been by the condo that very day and said that he had been looking for her.

According to posted Web profiles, Norfleet lives in the Antioch area and is an aspiring rapper who goes by the name KaNe.

He has a personal Web page on SoundClick.com where he refers to himself as “antiochs finest,” and has posted 31 rap mixes, some of which appear to refer to Norfleet and Kazemi’s relationship.

One of those rap mixes has content that seems to raise even more questions about Norfleet.

In a rap based on Eminem's "Benzino Dis," using lyrics rewritten by Norfleet (retitled “Closed Casket”) and posted on Feb. 2 — after McNair and Kazemi had started dating — the aspiring rapper lets loose with some rhymes that are chilling to say the least. A partial transcript of the song is below and here is a link to hear the song in its entirety. (Some of the lyrics have explicit content.)

Hear the entire track, here.

"I don’t wanna be like this
I don’t really wanna hurt no feelings
But I’m only being real when I say
Nobody wanna see an old man collapse
And old men have heart attacks
I don’t wanna be responsible for that
So let the s**t go and walk away
You can still have a little bit of dignity"

“I would never claim to be no
Benjamin Tebow, an 83-Year old fake Pacino
So how could he run his mouth about me
Knowing nothing about me

I love it when a dumbass doubts me
Until I pull the pistol out proudly
Put the clip in his mouth
Til this motherf***er shouts, ‘please don’t kill’
Have you sippin through a straw for the next 8 months
That’s if you even make it through it alive you dumb f**k

Try to stunt and front and fronting in front of somebody else
Til you're surrounded by 20 people With nobody’s help
IF you try to go incredible hulk it won’t work
Put so many holes in you your nerves won’t even jerk
Lurking in the shadows thinking and scheming of work
Got a little cocky so you decided to flirt
Now you’re flirting with death"

The final verse in the song set to Eminem's "Nail in the Coffin" instrumental track is as follows;

"If you ever do it again b***h I’m not rapping
I’m getting a clip and clapping and I’m not laughing
They’re wrapping you up for your little trip to the morgue
While I’m preparing for my trip to the shore,
Don’t ignore me, I’m not lying, I couldn’t be more honest
If you ever do it again, you’ll die, I promise.”

The discovery of the song by NashvillePost.com and The City Paper staff today shows eerie connections to the case. Metro Police have stated on more than one occasion that Norfleet is not a suspect.

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By: PYRO on 7/7/09 at 5:58

Sounds like a real winner

By: house_of_pain on 7/8/09 at 5:59

Norfleet sounds like a pickle-chugging, Hanes-grazing, flagpole-sitter for the bologna cavalry. Go back to Jacksonville, you no talent punk.

By: Kosh III on 7/8/09 at 6:27

Is there a link to his page? Is there a photo of this guy.

btw: he should not quit his day job---if he has one.

By: Kosh III on 7/8/09 at 6:36

I see his pic with another story.

By: River99 on 7/8/09 at 10:36

Kosh - I heard on the news he has taken 2 weeks off from his job at White Castle due to all the stress!!! bless his little heart - NOT!

By: courier37027 on 7/8/09 at 3:35

River99...post of the day...nice...applause.