Register to flesh out for Board more plans on reorganization

Monday, April 27, 2009 at 11:49pm

Director of Schools Jesse Register is due to provide more details Tuesday about his plans for reform and reorganization of Metro Nashville Public Schools.

At Tuesday afternoon’s regular Board of Education meeting, he’s on the agenda to give more information about a set of eight “leadership teams” that will be charged with studying — and possibly revamping — areas of district administration ranging from middle and high school reform to information technology. The groups will work for at least the next six months.

Register first told board members about these plans for district reform last month at a retreat. At the meeting, he’ll talk more about the details, according to MNPS spokesperson Noelle Mashburn.

“Each time he talks about it, it’s getting a little more in-depth, because the plan’s coming together more and more,” Mashburn said.

One of those groups is focused on reorganization of MNPS’s central office. Register has talked about his intentions to reorganize since he was hired by the board in January, and announced the extent of the reorganization — including the mass movement of central office employees to district schools — at last month’s retreat.

Tuesday night, he’ll have more detail about the jobs he’s creating at the school level, as well as how many there will be, according to Mashburn. Register has committed to notifying all affected employees by May 8.

The meeting starts at 5 p.m. at the district’s central office, 2601 Bransford Ave.