Reparations debated at Fisk forum

Monday, February 26, 2001 at 1:00am

In a forum on Friday legal, academic and public-policy experts discussed the growing

global demand for reparations for oppressed peoples around the world. The forum was sponsored by the Race Relations Institute and held at Fisk University.

Among the groups mentioned that many say are owed reparations were African

Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hawaiians, descendants of slaves from African nations and former colonies in Africa and indigenous people from Central and South America and Australia.

Reparations in the form of property, money, tax relief and educational grants were among the recommendations made by the panelists and audience.

However, explained Ray Winbush, director of the Race Relations Institute, "Reparations are not about just money, taxes and some of the things we heard today, it's about trying to revisit a horrendous period in our country and find[ing] out how that is still impacting people."

There is "a lot of talk about racial reconciliation in this country," said

Winbush. However, Winbush said he has a problem with the term itself, "because

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