Report on future of fairgrounds expected next week

Friday, August 27, 2010 at 2:00am

A task force assigned by Mayor Karl Dean earlier this year to study the future of the 117-acre fairgrounds is expected to release its final report next week.

Over the past few months, the mayor’s 10-member fairgrounds task force has conducted a series of community meetings to solicit public input on future possibilities for the fairgrounds property at Nolensville Pike and Wedgewood Avenue.

Gary Gaston of the Nashville Civic Design Center, a land use organization that’s worked with the task force, said an 85-page report summarizing the task force’s findings is almost finished and should be released some time next week. The report, which will include findings and recommendations for the site, is to be delivered to Dean.

At the task force’s most recent community meeting held in July, Gaston unveiled some of the “reoccurring themes” likely to be included in the report, which include recommendations that new development establish retail opportunities, improve street-connectivity with the surrounding neighborhood and focus on environmental sustainability.

The final Tennessee State Fair at the current site is set to run from Sept. 10 through Sept. 19. Rockhouse Partners, a Nashville-based entertainment agency, has organized this year’s fair.

Citing several consecutive years of financial loss, Dean has opted against continuing the state fair after this fall and has expressed his desire to explore redevelopment opportunities at the site.

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By: Kosh III on 8/27/10 at 6:52

Will it be the new HQ for HCA? Maytown Second Try?

You can be sure that whatever it is, it will be only for the city's monied elite and not the general public as is the case now.

By: bfra on 8/27/10 at 7:22

Now what does any logical thinking person think this report will say? Dean has made his wants known and this is his hand picked puppets on the " " task force.

By: Hotshoe17 on 8/27/10 at 7:30

Stan H.
The people want a good Flea Market, a place to hold Shows and a Racetrack, now for what Karl Dean wants.

By: njmccune on 8/27/10 at 7:50

Thank heaven this monstrous eyesore is nearly finished. It is a pox on the neighborhood and will be such an addition to our city when it is revamped, no matter what it may be.

Thank heaven for the forward thinking of Karl Dean to bring us progress no matter what the knuckle-draggers of this city.

By: TN4th on 8/27/10 at 8:12

If you think this benefits the rich rather than the whole city, think again! Metro Nashville has lost untold millions in tax base to Williamson County because it offers no competition to Cool Springs for office and retail locations and jobs. Now, with Indian Lake Village, Sumner County is doing the same thing Williamson did. We cannot let Nashville become the impoverished hole in the center of the tax-rich donut. Maytown would have been a big boost to Davidson's economy, and so will the fairground redevelopment. That will benefit our schools, our neighborhoods, and our economy in general.

By: orangey on 8/27/10 at 8:27

Thank you Mayor Dean for your leadership in redeveloping the Fairgrounds property. Let's build something Nashville will be proud of for years to come.

By: pswindle on 8/27/10 at 8:36

Of course, lately the fairgrounds has lost money, so has others businesses. We have been in a money crunch. But, we need to keep this, times are geting better. Everyone loves a flea market, fair and all of he other activities that the fairgrounds offer. Do you remember the success of Opryland? Now, Dollywood has taken over the amusement park adventure. I'm not sure that Dean is doing what is best for our city. He was going to have a convention center above anything else. I wonder if the sale of the fairgrounds will go toward the convention center.

By: Kosh III on 8/27/10 at 8:38


Maytown???? If you check the map on metro's website you will see that Maytown would have been UNDERWATER.

By: 117_acres on 8/27/10 at 8:48

Kosh III you said:
Maytown???? If you check the map on metro's website you will see that Maytown would have been UNDERWATER.

Kosh III if you are referring to the fairgrounds property you don't know what you are talking about. None of the old dipladated metal bulidings sitting on the hillside were ever in any danger of being flooded. The area around Browns Creek that was flooded is the area that will be a designated green space when the property is developed. If you are referring to the actually proposed Maytown site nevermind my comment.

FYI to those of you that want to keep the flea market and expo events the Farmers Market has a flea market every weekend. Also, Urban areas are using Open Air Markets to have these types of events and shows. You don't need 30 to 40 acres of metal bulidings on a hill to have a flea market.

By: 117_acres on 8/27/10 at 8:54

Mayor Dean and Staff.

Thank you for giving some much needed attention to this area of South Nashville. The residents and business owneres of South Nashville who live and work in this area of town appreciate your efforts very much! Thank you again!

Now lets do something with the property that all of Nashville can be proud of!

By: airvols on 8/27/10 at 9:13

I'am glad this is almost over, we need a flea market, doesn't have to be at the fairgrounds. Let's get some paying tax base into this area and revitalize the area with better access to I-65. A big corporate park there would work nicely for the city and the area neighbors.

By: capt4chris on 8/27/10 at 9:47

I'm excited to hear what changes they think of for the Fairgrounds since it's very outdated. I truly hope they don't already ulterior motives and the feedback sessions are just a facade.

By: Kosh III on 8/27/10 at 10:37

Maytown was to have been in Bells Bend and would have been flooded had it been built already.

By: TakePrideInNash on 8/27/10 at 1:29

It would be a shame if the track closed.

By: shef2 on 8/27/10 at 9:42

I live in this very neighborhood. I moved here from Los Angeles. It was close to Downtown, and the Freeways (sorry - Inter-states) The rental amount was great, even though, @ the time, the Neighborhood was more "iffy" than "diverse". I rented @ a duplex, and when I checked out the Neighborhood, NO races were going- It was during daylight hours. Do not preach about the "Racing History"... Of course, I heard the Races. There is a "However" in here...
The AMOUNT of Races & Practices increased - (As soon as I purchased my "backyard neighbor's" house.) I couldn't even have a conversation on my deck- It was SO LOUD-!
Studies were done about the nearby Elementary Student's dissolved Test Scores, when the Races were going. The "Racing People" made MANY promises - Mufflers, less Races, less Practices, etc. NO promises were kept.
Even the Races that are going on now, are LOUD. Hello-? What Mufflers-?
We, in this Neighborhood want a nice area, not some huge Corporate Monstrosity, and we love our Flea Market, and the "Indy" Shows that go on. AND the TN State Fair.
I say, a "Cosmetic" upgrade could do wonders... Bring paint. I'll volunteer to help...

By: gohomenow on 8/29/10 at 2:48

Why in the h*** does anybody move somewhere and want to change it ? Nashville was doing just fine, better actually, before all of the implants who want to change our traditions moved here and brought with them crime, traffic, "trendy" bars to get shot in, and a bunch of other problems.
If you don't love Nashville and it's traditions and "hillbilly" feel, go away. We don't want or need you here.
The fairgrounds was here long before you moved here, with a racetrack that many top drivers cut their teeth on. Though you don't understand tradition because you have moved all over the country and have no tradition - we Nashvillians do.
Go away, and take Carpetbagger Karl Ding with you !!!!