With revisions, Planning Department still recommends May Town Center approval

Monday, June 15, 2009 at 7:08pm

Metro Planning Department has addressed several issues with the proposed May Town Center development for rural Bells Bend but it did not alter its recommendation for approval.

In a staff recommendation report issued Monday (and available on the Metro Planning Web site), the planning included 17 conditions, including specific amendments to the developers’ zoning request. The staff revised its recommendations because May Town developers altered their zoning request.

The staff recommendation report, available on the Metro Planning Web site, acknowledges that the Bells Bend area is already eligible for residential development. The recommendations point out the developers’ “aggressive land conservation plan” would conserve the surrounding rural area.

Opponents believe May Town Center will lead to sprawl and encourage some neighboring property owners to develop their land as well.

The Planning Commission will hold its final hearing — related only to the independent economic impact study released earlier this month — on June 25. The commission is expected to vote on the zoning proposal shortly after that.

The zoning bill’s public hearing before Metro Council is slated for the July 7 Council meeting.


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By: skillet1 on 6/16/09 at 8:39

Good. Hope this thing finally gets voted on. Nashville needs a new revenue stream. May Town Center will be great for the city.

By: grapa on 6/16/09 at 10:37

The City of Nashville is ready for this. To be prepared for the future plans need to be put in place now. Nahville population is expected to be 735,000 by 2035. Jobs are moving away from downtown MSA and is increasing. Development sites are going to increase even further away from downtown taking jobs with them.

Two decades ago the "NEED" to build a bridge into the Bend was known. Getting MTC started is a means to try to 'catch up' with what was expected to happen to this area twenty years, ago.

By: topthinker on 6/16/09 at 11:14

.This "new revenue stream" , based on the developers OWN projections, IF everything goes perfectly, IF we don't give tax breaks to lure companies (like the $166 mil that went to Dell), IF all 8000 condos are sold and all 8 mil feet of office space rented, and IF we don't have to pay for roads and sewers--
about 1% increase in metro revenue.

There are really good odds that this monstrosity will be a very large item in the expense column.

Back onto the stovetop, Skillet!

Grapa: your place will be much more valuable in a quiet agricultural area, where rich folks want a few acres for a nice house, than along a road with 30 years worth of dump truck traffic. Think property values in Leiper's Fork as opposed to, say, Hickory Hollow.

Remember--city revenues could be up as much as 1%!

By: Equanimity on 6/16/09 at 11:51

grapa, oops, I mean Tony... "Two decades ago the "NEED" to build a bridge into the Bend was known"? For what? What other hallucinations were you having two decades ago?

Be not afraid. You and the brothers May will live your four score and ten far, far from the madding crowd. Planning shall grant you your wish; Council shall grant you your wish. Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.

By: grapa on 6/16/09 at 12:44

Equana...who?? You should read the Planning Staff Report, completely. It specifically mentions the bridge that has been planned for Bells Bend since the early 1990's and 'EVERYONE' else seems to already have known about, oops, except you. What planet have you been on, check the records! Information helps, when it is correct!

topthinker implies up-to-date information, jobs, population, job movement, development history, .....you get my point. I would think topthinker you would have a progressive and aggressive mentality with the handle or name you have 'dubbed' yourself with.

Your rich folk have seemed to have avoided us for let us say, forever, since they have not shown up, yet. As zoned any small structure on 2 acres seems more like a sure thing, maybe a trailor or two, also. And at that rate all of the Bend gets done under. Now that is not what we, the neighbors of the Bend want.

By: ChickeringLife on 6/16/09 at 2:47

While both sides/viewpoints are extremely polarized at this point, I pray and hope that the May Town Center is going to be the development that we ALL will come to benefit from. I'm actually pretty excited by this (potential) development and am looking forward to it. -MR