Rex: Budget czars and stolen cars

Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 11:44pm

Councilman Jim Forkum has directed his final meeting as the chairman of the all-important budget and finance committee. Thus endeth his reign as Metro's budget czar.

That means Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors will have the difficult task of picking which pro-administration Council member takes his place. Councilman Erik Cole held the honor before Forkum.

The chairman has the power of agreeing to special meetings and also conducting the meetings themselves. Considering the convention center project, plus a potential tax increase on the committee's agenda in the next year, Neighbors' appointment is particularly important. While some members would relish the opportunity to serve as chair, others will be hiding under theirs and shirk the heat that comes with the job.

A few best guesses by Rex? Councilmen Greg Adkins and Ronnie Steine seem to be good targets.

Council members such as Emily Evans, Jason Holleman, and Mike Jameson probably have a better shot at getting a job at McNeely Pigott & Fox than appointed to this post.

We are manly, just not girly-manly

So get this. Rex got word this past week that Nashville was ranked No. 1 by men's shower/hair/body spray company AXE as America's “worst city for a man to show off his sensitive side.”

Apparently AXE paid Sperling's Best Places to come up with this "study." Rex thinks AXE got robbed.

Here's the deal, a few months ago Sperling put out a list at the request of Mars Snackfood US to identify the "manliest" city in America. Nashville won that battle but now it looks like they flipped that survey, repackaged it and gave it a new name.

At the bottom of the manly list were cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Guess who topped the "sensitive" list? Yup, those guys.

Rex could really care less what Sperling, AXE, or any of those other cities think. Nashville women seem to love manly men. Take your wine spritzers and hair gel NYC, we've got a shotgun and a four-wheel drive (country boys can survive).

Fred loses his friends

Fred Thompson probably still has a lot of friends, they just aren't official anymore.

Rex learned that earlier this month “Friends of Fred Thompson,” the last vestige of Thompson's failed presidential "effort," filed notice with the Tennessee Secretary of State that they were no more.

Legally, they dissolved what was a political fund-raising organization. In reality, most of Fred's political friendships dissolved when the 2008 South Carolina Republican Primary results crashed his presidential aspirations.

Chin up Fred, the Red State Update guys still love you.

The Thin Blue Line

Lately Rex has been reading through the police blotter to see if he will stumble on some legal documents that will start the next big scandal a la former State Sen. Paul Stanley.

Rex hasn't found anything like that, but he did find some strange stuff. For example;

How about the not-so-smart guy who stole a car from a rental company? He legally rented it, but then disconnected his cell phone and moved with no forwarding address. The rental company called the police who then started looking for their suspect. It wasn't that hard to find him though — the vehicle he had stolen had an OnStar navigation system.

Another Nashville resident recently went to do a little Krogering. Instead of coupons, she tried the old "five-finger discount" routine and got nabbed by Johnny Law. She was caught stealing three packages of muffins valued at $1.99 each. When asked why she had shoplifted, she told police they were for her grandson. Rex wonders if she will be declared a Publix nuisance.

Rex Noseworthy appears Mondays in The City Paper.

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By: Anna3 on 8/24/09 at 10:02

Rex you are such a Pu**y! Quit your whining about Nashville's REAL Men! I think you don't like them because they all vote Republican. Where do you think you work? The "View"?

By: govskeptic on 8/24/09 at 10:19

I'm sure the Mayor and Mayorette have already agreed on who will be the next Finance Committee Chairman. Speaking of which-it doesn't matter if it's muffins or baseball cards from Target-a shoplifter is a shoplifter

By: TharonChandler on 8/25/09 at 11:08

This article is important to me on 3 fronts. Firstly, some people keep trying to act is if I myself 'am Gay', while I am actually a 'manly man' and not uncomfortable being sensative. With a given middle name like "Tharon", and the audacity to go by it as usual; rather than Commonly use my first name of 'William', this really upsets some big dems and repubs such as supporters of Fred Thompson (hailing from my former home T in L'bird) and more specificly Senator Doug Jackson. See, some 'sophisticated groups' are into Usurping the 'matching funds' from every candidate (for which they must at least have a valid opponent), and so they USE people with good names such as "William Chandler" (as to sew and reap the secret kitty). Their elite fascism causes problems to regular careers and to normal social relationships. They have ruined my life. AND Also; I'm Not Gay. Peace.

Re: "So get this. Rex got word this past week that Nashville was ranked No. 1 by men's shower/hair/body spray company AXE as America's “worst city for a man to show off his sensitive side.”