Rex: Government watchdog takes government grant?

Monday, April 27, 2009 at 1:38am

EXCEL-ence in journalism

Rex was browsing through recent press releases sent out by the state, specifically ones awarding state grants to Tennessee businesses. One in particular really got Rex wondering.

Last week, your tax dollars were awarded to none other than The Tennessean so that they can better train their staff in what is called the “Incumbent Worker Training Program.” The daily fish wrapper was awarded $6,300 to train “60 employees in page design, Web design and Excel.”

Sure the grants are open for any businesses that apply, but Rex finds it interesting that Gannett, the newspaper’s multi-million-dollar parent company, can’t spring for training employees in basic computer usage. 

Is Rex the only one that thinks it odd that self-proclaimed government watchdog would be so eagerly in line for government handouts?

Kind of makes us wonder if they got their financial advice from former Fox Tennessee Morning’s on-air money guru Gordon Grigg, who incidentally, got charged by the federal government for running a Ponzi scheme last week. One of his appearances dispensing advice from Charlie Chase’s couch can still be found on YouTube.


‘Here’s your sign’

Rex would like to congratulate the newest member of Airport Authority — sign mogul Bobby Joslin. Rex knows the sign man and was impressed with the way Joslin put it to Greyhound over their potential relocation from the new convention center site to a site next door to Joslin's Murfreesboro Road business.

Metro Council insiders are of one mind when asked to explain how Mayor Karl Dean could land Joslin (a man neighborhood types loathe) as the "neighborhood representative" on this Board. It's classically passive aggressive and so much less messy than severed horse heads left in their beds by the likes of corporate flaks James Weaver and Joe Hall.

Rex would note that board appointment responsibility has recently moved from Mayoral Special Assistant Jim Hester to his chief lobbyist, Toby Compton.

Early and significant campaign support tends to be one of the most important selection criteria for these plum appointments. Compton should have no problem being very familiar with early campaign supporters… just not Dean's.

Compton was campaign manager for Dean opponent Buck Dozier — a fact that must have come in pretty handy with the Joslin appointment as he was a huge, vocal and early Dozier supporter.


Smelled Like Teen Spirit

The outdoor setting of the mayor’s State of Metro address was visually pleasing, with Nashville’s new Music City Central complemented by a sunny spring day. Luck was on Dean’s side when raindrops started only as the crowd was clearing and Rex’s mind wandered back to the days of cutting class at Muckraker State University (home of the Paper Tigers!).

Less fortunate for the mayor, however, was the odor.  It was probably nothing more than a natural gardening humus, but it was observed several times by a City Paper reporter at the event that those in the audience caught a few whiffs of a scent resembling a very earthy fertilizer.

One attendee blamed the large number of politicians gathered there for the “aura.” Rex disagrees with this theory, given that the smell is not present inside the State Capitol.

Rex, for his part, didn’t mind the smell. It just made him wonder what Councilman Eric Crafton’s next referendum drive will be.

3 Comments on this post:

By: Anna3 on 4/27/09 at 5:39

Gee Rex......I thought Crafton was "Lauded" for his questioning of the Convention Center financing package by this "Fishwrapper" ! you take a "poke" at him? seems something "smells" at the CP offices as well!

By: Kosh III on 4/27/09 at 7:00

Yes there is a smell there. It's fresh mulch from newly planted flower beds and containers. Nothing wrong with it.

By: HokeyPokey on 4/27/09 at 2:37

Rex, have you yet learned to construct a proper text-based web search or do you, also, need training in basic computer usage?