Rex: Insane in the Lane-brain

Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 11:45pm

Rex knows the last thing UT fans want to hear right now is more news concerning former football coach Lane Kiffin — you know, short of him getting a lobotomy. Perhaps the Derek Dooley era will bring the success that’s been elusive since Tee Martin brought it home in 1998. As for UT athletic director Mike Hamilton, Rex knows that practically everyone in the state wished he had to report to Lady Vols coach Pat Summit and explain himself.

Rex wants to say hats off to his journalistic colleagues over at the Knoxville News Sentinel, who did an excellent job reporting the Kiffin departure. But they might want to have a word with the folks who run the GoVolsXtra online store affiliated with the paper.

As of last week, long after Kiffin had left and Dooley had been named head coach, the store was still selling orange T-shirts that said, “Got Kiffin?”

Yes, Rex is fully aware that many Kiffin T-shirts already purchased and/or given out to students are now on their way to Haiti, which leads Rex to ask, “Hasn’t Haiti suffered enough?” But these are new shirts, not the ones that are part of the relief effort.

Somebody over there might want to read the paper.

McCall-ing the past

Last week, Rex wrote about GOP state Senate hopeful A.J. McCall’s crash pad on West End Avenue.

That little tidbit ran on Monday, the day after McCall announced he was pulling out of the race. That’s a little too late to pull the punch.

Since then, the news out of Wilson County is that the remaining GOP candidate, state Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, won’t have the field to herself for long.

Current state Sen. Mae Beavers has said she’s running for county mayor this year instead of re-election. It’s no secret on Capitol Hill, in Wilson County, or on the blogs for that matter, that Lynn and Beavers aren’t exactly the best of friends.

Word is people are trying to get Beavers to abandon the county mayor’s race and block Lynn from the GOP nomination. Where it really gets strange is the whispering that former Democratic state Sen. Bob Rochelle and Beavers are discussing the matter — and in quite the friendly way.

Rochelle, if you recall, was one of the biggest proponents of income tax during the Sundquist era and retired from office after the battle. He tried for his old job four years ago, but Beavers bested him.

Wilson County politics is starting to look like a viper’s nest. You know the saying, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” They have so many enemies over there it’s amazing they aren’t all friends.

Shipping up to Boston

It’s no secret that the state blocks a lot of websites from its employees’ view during the nine-to-five. Heck, your boss may do that at your job, too.

Websites blocked are typically ones that feature online games, entertainment sites, anything containing the words “Jon and/or Kate Gosselin,” and of course porn.

But a state employee pointed out to Rex last week that the website of the Boston Globe was accessible, but the Boston Herald’s was not.

Last week was the special election to fill the seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. The Herald is regarded as the conservative paper while the Globe is more liberal. According to some on the political right, the Globe “relentlessly attacked GOP candidate Scott Brown,” who of course was declared the winner on Wednesday.

Rex doesn’t know if this is Big Brother at work, but it may be the proof some Democrats are looking for that Gov. Phil Bredesen is really one of them.

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