Rex: Jameson not too fond of Wild Beaver

Monday, June 29, 2009 at 2:49am

Maybe Obama will hear from him in a ‘Times’ editorial

Last week President Barack Obama met with what was called “a bipartisan group of six governors who share his commitment to lowering the cost of health care, protecting choice of doctors and plans and assuring quality and affordable health care for every American.”

The governors who met with Obama were Jennifer Granholm of Michigan (she’s an attorney), Jim Doyle of Wisconsin (also an attorney), Deval Patrick of Massachusetts (yup, he’s an attorney), Mike Rounds of South Dakota (sold insurance and real estate), Christine Gregoire of Washington (another attorney), and Jim Douglas of Vermont (lifelong politician).

So guess who is missing from the list. Yep, former health care executive and Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen.

On the same day this meeting occurred, Phil was in Tipton County breaking ground on a road project and then swung over to Memphis to swear in a judge. Not really on the same level as talking health care with the Prez in Rex’s mind.

Rex wonders if Obama thinks that Bredesen’s health care background is germane to the national conversation or is he still a little standoffish to our dude after all those New York Times and Politico articles that Bredsen wrote telling him what to do.

So is this what they meant by Spaghetti Westerns?

Nashville restaurant owners are up in arms over the new right to bear arms in bars — sign or no sign on the front door. Enter former Metro Councilman-at-large Adam Dread as their Tin Angel.

Dread has been everywhere lately fighting the new law and is now looking to file lawsuits to stop it from taking effect. One such place was as a talking head on the nationally televised show FOX & Friends.

It was on his second appearance on the network where he went up against current Metro Councilman Robert Duvall, who is a proponent of the measure. (Rex wonders if FOX got him because Charlton Heston is dead.) Anway, it was not Duvall’s finest hour.

Duvall stated, “Everyone with a conceal and carry permit must have an anal examination.” Rex knows Duvall meant ‘annual’ but was more surprised that Dread didn’t rebut the statement.

Of all the places that Dread showed restraint, it’s on a network owned by a company that has delivered a slew of juvenile (When Animals Attack!), salacious (Temptation Island) shows anally — oops, Rex meant annually.

Wo-Mackin’ for Kyle

Rex has been trying to keep his ear to the ground on the 2010 governor’s race since it could be a barnburner. The typical rumors have been floating around over who is working for whom, why people are starting on a campaign and why others are quitting. It’s inside baseball.

One of the latest rumors on the street is that Andy Womack, former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Senator from Murfreesboro has picked a horse that isn’t in the gate yet — state Sen. Jim Kyle of Memphis.

Kyle, who is the Democratic leader in the state senate, has been the subject of much speculation for the past few months as to whether he is in or not. Rex hears that Womack, who worked for Kyle as an advisor after leaving elected office, has been calling around and lining up support for the Shelby County legislator according to Rex’s sources.

Should Kyle pull the trigger, it would make it five Democrats already in the race and four Republicans.

Rex is considering a contest where you guess the time and date of the first person to drop out. Kind of like a baby pool without yellow water.

Mike, aren’t you being a little hard on the Beaver?

Rex was strolling around downtown the other day and noticed a new bar with an aquatic hillbilly rodent prominently featured in its name and on its logo. It’s called the Wild Beaver Lounge and it’s located just south of Hooters and down the hill on Commerce Street.

Rex has heard from a friend that the Metro councilman for the downtown area is trying to get the new dive to change their name. Apparently the euphemistic nature of the name of the hole in the wall bar has crossed the line for Councilman Mike Jameson who, according to Rex’s sources, wants to trim the name from Nashville’s roster of restaurants.

No word if Jameson is also planning on taking down Dick’s Sporting Goods.

School board meeting a snore

Rex has commented before on the antics of sleepers during Board of Education meetings. The meetings tend to be long, and are quite boring to all but the nerdiest of public education followers.

So it came as no surprise to Rex when a gentleman at the most recent school board meeting — well-attired, wearing a suit as well as a cell phone headpiece on his ear — visibly drifted off during the meeting.

This is not unusual. Rex hears reporters often spot sleepers at meetings, including one former school board member who was spotted drifting off a couple of times.

What was unusual, however, was the volume of the individual’s snoring. The first time the gentleman drifted off, he emitted a small snore that several observers mistook for a different, more gastrionic, sound. The second time, he snored repeatedly and loudly enough that a district administrator began kicking his chair to wake him up.

So ridiculous was this display that even the usually unflappable school board chair David Fox, who was delivering a report to school board members at the time, apparently found it difficult to speak. Fox’s face grew rosy as he covered part of his face and cleared his throat, but after a pause, several giggles slipped out.

Rex hears the event was the most entertaining part of the meeting. No wonder public participation in the local education political process is so low.

An apology to the vice mayor

Rex would like to apologize to Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors for giving her a hard time about how she pronounced new Metro Councilwoman Kristine LaLonde’s name.

It turns out that LaLonde did something for Neighbors that she didn’t do for local television, print or radio media, not to mention her fellow Council members and practically every politico in town. She told Neighbors how to correctly pronounce her name. On her Facebook page, LaLonde explained that she doesn't really care enough to correct people who say her name wrong.

And for everyone else out there besides Neighbors who have been getting it wrong, the correct pronunciation is “luh-loaned.” The mistake for not double-checking that belongs to Rex, and surely it won’t happen again.

Rex Noseworthy appears Mondays in The City Paper.

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By: dogmrb on 6/29/09 at 8:10

Thanks for a good laugh on a Monday morning.

By: Time for Truth on 6/29/09 at 9:34

Yeah, good column Rex.

Perhaps Obama should have invited Gov Sanford. He seems to advocate a healthy lifestyle "hiking the trail".

So I guess proctologists will become busier with the new 'Wild West Saloon' law? I predict some health care professionals- especially in ER's- will be.

'Wild Beaver Lounge"? You can't make this stuff up! Wonder what a certain Republican state senator thinks about that one?

By: dogmrb on 6/29/09 at 10:45

I thought the snoring outloud in the school board meeting especially funny. It's been known for school board members to fall asleep at the meeting too.

By: Time for Truth on 6/29/09 at 1:36

That was a LOL moment for me too.

By: sidneyames on 6/29/09 at 5:06

Very funny column. What's the difference? Hooters vs Wild Beavers? All sort of sexist, but then someone could come up with a male oriented bodypart club that would be successful! I can't think of it, but I bet someone can!

By: TharonChandler on 6/30/09 at 11:26

I say They should all be required to run for a higher office after soo many years, instead of simply protecting their own luxury seat by unsavory, predetory practices against people whom are actually no threat (even the eldest brother of one of those 'sex kitten' Interns that he chooses to not forget). I'll comment here now even though this article is old news and I'm in a different time-zone; at a public library that doesn't open before 10 am.

Re: "Should Kyle pull the trigger, it would make it five Democrats already in the race and four Republicans" {per article as quoting A. Womack}.

By: TharonChandler on 6/30/09 at 11:33

Phil Bredesen is the kind of idiot that gets honest locals killed and good men maimed; leaves the state corrections institute in the hands of organized crime; lets a lot of private schools ruin the public education system; empowers old cronies on viagra to supercede the best and brightest young men, in life.

Re: "So guess who is missing from the list. Yep, former health care executive and Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen. "