Rex: John Rich not feeling the love of Love Circle

Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 11:45pm

Rex wonders if it would be possible to go six months without hearing a complaint about country star John Rich. We have all these country music people in town who live and breathe peaceably among us, yet this bro can’t seem to go two weeks without doing something to tick people off.

Here’s the latest: Rex’s spies have learned that Metro Councilwoman Kristine LaLonde has been called in to stand up for other members of the Love Circle area just off West End who are getting pretty tired of all the political fundraisers and parties the dude throws. She had to meet with Rich’s manager; apparently he doesn’t have time to meet with the Joneses not named George.

Rich has been bringing Batman-style search lights to his house, which Rex thinks looks like a giant sewing machine, and flipping them on when he’s throwing down. He’s also had buses blocking streets for extended periods, and somebody is directing valets to park cars on a grassy public area, tearing it up again (it was destroyed once by his construction crews).

For whom, might you ask, has Rich been throwing all these parties? None other than gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp. Rich has been campaigning with him more than he hangs out with the guy who basically helped him buy the house — Big Kenny, the other half of Big and Rich.

Since the Wamp/Rich bromance obviously didn’t start in college for these two, Rex wonders where they hooked up for the first time. Was it on the campaign trail for former presidential pretender Fred Thompson? Was it at the Republican National Convention?

Who knows, and who really cares? Just hold it down over there, gents.

‘I’m shocked — shocked — to find gambling going on here!’

Just like in Casablanca when Capt. Renault discovered that there was gambling going on at Rick’s Café Americain, the Williamson County Election Commission apparently has decided they are shocked — shocked! — that early voting at satellite locations would be something people cared about.

Rex has learned that with no notice or fanfare, commission members voted to eliminate the multiple early voting sites they had offered for the past several years — without even telling the parties whose primaries they are tasked to run.

After years of promoting and expanding early voting sites, the commission decided to eliminate all but one location. That means people from Spring Hill, Nolensville and Brentwood who want to vote early in the May primary elections for county offices will have to trek miles (in many cases more than 40 miles round-trip) to the county office building a mile west of downtown Franklin.

The county’s website maps show the large majority of citizens in Williamson work in Brentwood — which offered the county three locations for early voting and was rebuffed — and Cool Springs.

Jot this down

It’s pretty obvious that Juvenile Court Clerk Vic Lineweaver is every television station’s favorite whipping post.

First there was the bathrobe incident, when he told a reporter by phone he was at work, only to open the door of his house to a cameraman calling his bluff.

Then there was the feud over who lost what juvenile court files between himself and Juvenile Court Judge Betty Adams Green. Vic lost that one; it doesn’t really pay to get into a fight with a judge.

Most recently there was the blow-up over whether he was using Metro funds or campaign cash to buy ballpoint pens with his name on them. Vic said he used campaign money; WSMV-Channel 4 reporters implied otherwise.

Last week, Rex’s sister publication, Nashville Post magazine, had a big relaunch party. Vic showed up and, without flinching, smiled at some reporters and laid some pens down on the bar.

Oh, the chutzpah!

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10 Comments on this post:

By: Kosh III on 3/8/10 at 7:43

Rich just shares the same philosophy as Wamp: they are a superior species who can do whatever they wish, whenever they wish. They were born to rule.

By: house_of_pain on 3/8/10 at 7:46

Somebody up there on Love Cir. needs to kick John Rich square in the nuts.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 3/8/10 at 7:59

John Rich - bringing Hollywood style douchebaggery to Nashville.

By: shinestx on 3/8/10 at 8:04

I'm sure the Love Circle neighbors have not gotten over the horrible eyesore (can you say space shuttle hangar?) that Rich attached to the edge of Love Circle. It's easy for all of us to forget that great wealth does not automatically confer good taste. On the contrary, everyone keeps at least some part of his/her upbringing throughout his life. To wit: the Beverly Hillbillies TV show was funny not just because it was fantasy! It was funny also because it had many elements of truth. As I've heard my whole life: "There's no accounting for taste, both at home and away."

By: sidneyames on 3/8/10 at 8:05

I'm so tired of hearing about the Juvenile Court Clerk race (over a year now); you'd think these people were running for the White House!

By: bfra on 3/8/10 at 9:15

Wamp hooking up with John Rich shows his lack of good sense or judgement. Who wants someone like that for GOV.?

By: govskeptic on 3/8/10 at 9:51

I thought the story was about John Rich and Love Circle! Why all the
ambushing of Zack Wamp? Sounds like this has become a love
McWherter story.

By: bfra on 3/8/10 at 10:16

gov - Did you not read the article? Wamp what the one he was throwing all the parties for on Love Circle!

By: gwhillikers on 3/8/10 at 1:28

We-uns down around Chatt town know ALL about Zach Wamp, and now we're forced to learn more than we'd care to know about Mr. Rich.

And just when Tennessee was starting to get a good rep from gov Bredesen, and from the "new country elite." Then, along comes this pair of idiots.

By: heartbeat on 3/9/10 at 12:22

Think ole Rexy is a democrat?? Sounds like it..whaaaa........