Rex: Sex and the city (of Prospect)

Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 11:45pm

State Rep. Eddie Bass of Prospect asked the Tennessee Attorney General’s office recently whether multiple “adult-oriented” businesses can occupy the same building. He also wanted a clarification of the rules that apply when a county appoints an “Adult-Oriented Establishment Board.”

The answer to the first question was “yes,” and there were a bunch of questions and answers in the second AG opinion that Rex didn’t care about. Rex’s question is: When the heck did Giles and Marshall counties, which make up Bass’ district, start getting full-scale smut shops?

If you haven’t been to either county, they are bucolic places with populations of around 30,000 people. Those folks wave at you when you drive by their house, open the door for you — they’ll even give you large portions at their diners if you’re looking peckish.

What has Rex worried is what will happen to these pristine counties if the state legislature passes the “Girls Gone Wild” bill he told you about last week?

If a particularly suggestive 30-second late night ad that doesn’t really show anything can’t satisfy their cravings for porn enough that they have to open a skin joint, then this state really is in trouble. The thought of this makes Rex want to pack his gun, swing by a bar and have a glass of lemonade.

Voted off the island

Rex was sad to hear about the end of Brad Schmitt’s career at WKRN-Channel 2 last week. We wish him the best.

Back to business: Who’s gonna fill those shoes?

WSMV-Channel 4 has Jimmy Carter, who kinda creeps Rex out, and WTVF-Channel 5 doesn’t seem to have anyone in particular assigned to cover the Music City beat. In other words, they could go either way. Given the state of media budgets, Rex won’t be shocked if the chair stays empty.

The station has been in a bit of restructuring for the past several years and has been desperate to rise from the ashes of being the third-rated news station in Nashville.

When they brought Schmitt on, toting what Rex heard was a pretty good contract, it was only a matter of time before others at the station would be let go. One of them was the previous entertainment reporter, Stephanie Langston.

Will they bring her back? She knows the lay of the land and has a following. Or maybe they’ll try to reinvent the wheel again.

For what it’s worth — maybe a Comcast subscription? — Rex is on Team Langston.

There she was, minding her own business …

Rex dug into the police blotter last week. He wanted to refrain from going there again so soon, but you have to see this.

Here is what happened, courtesy of Metro police:

Officers were dispatched to 4601 Lebanon Pike on a subject who fell asleep in her vehicle at pump 11. On arrival the subject was still asleep at the wheel. Officers opened the vehicle door and tapped the subject’s arm to awaken her. When asked if she had any medical problems, the subject replied, “Smirnoff.”

The subject could not follow commands on SFSTs [Standardized Field Sobriety Tests]. The subject was very unsteady on her feet and nearly fell several times. The subject was soaked in urine, and the urine smell was very noticeable. The subject was asleep for approximately 45 minutes before officer arrival. The subject was then taken into custody for DUI. State returned that she had a revoked DL [drivers license]. The subject then offered officer money and said to take her home.

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6 Comments on this post:

By: dogmrb on 3/1/10 at 9:37

Isn't Boobie Bungalow in Marshall or Giles County right of I-65?

By: fdanshep on 3/1/10 at 1:28

Just as long as they don't get rid of Theresa Weakley I'll be fine and so will my male collegues that lunch together. She is often the subject matter as we await warmer weather!

By: Equanimity on 3/1/10 at 1:51

Let's don't feel too sorry for Schmitt. He is a serial drunk driver who got behind the wheel of a huge weapon - more than once - and endangered lives. Thanks, Metro cops!

I'm not sure News 2 even needs to fill the buffoon's shoes.

By: HokeyPokey on 3/1/10 at 10:56

Gee, I'd be happy if folks gave me large portions of their diners. If enough of them did that, I could start a diner chain and make lots of money.

Serving dinner.

By: Hybrid on 3/2/10 at 2:51

I have worked with Stephanie before and she is a real pro. I'm on Team Langston.

By: mark d on 3/2/10 at 6:52

Go Team Langston!

My wife and I miss seeing Stephanie on TV regularly... she is delightful... haven't watched channel two since she left.