Rex: What effect will color have on the governor's race?

Monday, July 13, 2009 at 12:00am

Sock it to me

Four Republicans and five Democrats are supposedly running for governor.

State Sen. Jim Kyle of Memphis got in to the race last week. This is bad news for the people who sell white dress socks, which are somewhat of a signature article of clothing for Kyle. (Roy Herron has his suspenders.)

Let’s face it, you can't run for governor in a suit and white socks, so Kyle, having to give up his fashion statement, will drive the market down for these companies. Rex hopes they aren’t in Tennessee.

The interesting thing to watch on the D side is the hunt for quality campaign staff. Roy Herron and Mike McWherter have the early lead for fund-raising teams: Herron is using Cathy Thomas and McWherter is using April Orange, both live in Nashville.

Nashville businessman and Democratic candidate Ward Cammack could use a little fund-raising help and he could start by listening to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” He simply needs to turn on the tune while shaving one morning and say to the mirror, “I want to be your governor, but I really need your help.” Then he could just pull out his checkbook and write the check to himself.

The next big personal race on the D side will be for the managers, strategists, and kitchen cabinet types who help the candidate plan and execute a statewide primary race — some are paid (think Jim Hester, Bill Fletcher or Tom Lee) and some will be volunteer (think Dick Lodge, Jerry Martin, or James Weaver). People with significant strategic campaign experience — either in statewide or in big important local races, are few and far between but do exist.

Rex predicts some big name out-of-towners will be moving in for a few months — luckily there are great deals on property rentals right now. Just call the ICON in The Gulch.

Parachuting in

On the city front, Rex took a break from the King of Pop memorial on E! to watch Tuesday night’s Metro Council meeting. East Nashville Councilwoman Pam Murray was “challenging” to watch. Watch the reruns this week and see for yourself.

You remember Councilwoman Murray don’t you — lives in Detroit but represents a portion of East Nashville? You can't miss her as she is normally coming or going to the airport to fly “home” to Michigan and is usually being followed by NewsChannel 5’s Phil Williams.

Rex won’t spoil a really good news story with a detailed description of the entire sordid mess, but it was an embarrassment to the city.

A colleague of Rex's asked one of the 25 green-shirted "Murray supporters" in the crowd why she was there. “Someone called for Pam and asked all of us to show up tonight to keep them from taking over the neighborhood,” she responded. Sadly, the “supporters” appeared to be all black and the "them" looked to be all white.

Just as sad was the fact that the supporter could not recall what the issue was before the Council. It is a commonly known that Murray doesn’t like the “new” folks in her district as they unsuccessfully ran a candidate against her in the last election. Seems the new folks wanted a council representative that lives in — well — lives mostly here.

Murray made no effort to hide the fact during the election that if she won [and she did] that she would “divide” the neighborhood along racial lines.

Anyway, on Tuesday there were Council members rushing to Murray’s aide and even Councilman Jim Gotto tried to play mediator. But Rex wonders what’s the point? The property in question almost surely will never get its zoning. Last time Rex checked, Council wasn’t in the practice rewarding property owners who blatantly ignore zoning code.

May Town, May Town, May Town

Rex’s editors have noticed a huge increase in readership when the words “May Town” appear in the print or in the online version of our fine paper.

Rex believes this is primarily due to the fact that all of Tony Giarratana’s legion of hired guns have Google alerts set for the words "May Town" and thus when the words "May Town" appear in a story, Google drives the story to mailboxes all over the city in record numbers.

Rex is thus considering changing his name to Rex "May Town" Noseworthy.

Mitchell v. Rayburn

The award for most awkward moment at a public meeting recently goes to District 35 Councilman Bo Mitchell, who took it upon himself to grill restaurateur Randy Rayburn during Rayburn’s confirmation hearing for his re-appointment to the Metro convention center board.

Rayburn was unanimously confirmed, but not before Mitchell weirdly pressed him for registering as a lobbyist. Rayburn opposes the Metro menu-labeling requirement. Mitchell favors it, and his wife works as a lobbyist supporting the bill.

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By: bfra on 7/12/09 at 11:56

Anyone that Dick Lodge or his wife supports will not get my vote!

By: Anna3 on 7/13/09 at 6:06

Bo Mitchell is absolutely one of the MOST corrupt people to have ever served in this body....and that's saying a mouthful! Where did Bellevue get this guy???? They should replace him before he goes postal and embarrasses them on a level only Paris Hilton could appreciate!

By: alex24 on 7/13/09 at 6:06

Since Pam Murray is not required to live in the district then I guess the supporters that she buses in to the Council meetings are not required to live there either