Robbers dressed as leprechauns killed by police

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 6:14pm
Staff reports

Gallatin police officers shot and killed two alleged bank robbers Wednesday afternoon following a brief chase during which a police car was disabled.

According to a Gallatin Police Department, the suspects walked into the First State Bank at 1135 Nashville Pike at 12:28 p.m. One suspect, which WTVF-Channel 5 reported was dressed as a leprechaun, entered the bank with a high-caliber gun and left with an undisclosed amount of money. The second suspect waited outside in a getaway car.

An officer responded to a call about the suspects’ car, and when the suspects spotted police, a chase began. The suspects fired shots at two police cars, disabling one. Sumner County Sheriff’s Office deputies also joined the pursuit before the suspects ditched their car near Red River Road and Bradford Drive.

When the suspects turned and shot at police, officers returned fire, shooting both suspects multiple times and killing them.

Money was found in the suspects’ vehicle. Gallatin police and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office are jointly conducting the ongoing investigation.

Messages left with the Gallatin Police Department were not immediately returned. 

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6 Comments on this post:

By: idgaf on 3/17/10 at 9:51

Guess they forgot to eat their Lucky Charms this morning.

By: VanDSIRROM on 3/18/10 at 2:01

Nothing for praise for Gallatin & Sumner County's finest. Keep up the good work.

By: sidneyames on 3/18/10 at 7:57

I think this was a good ending for these two guys. At least now we don't have to pay for their "not guilty" defense or feed, house and clothe them for a period of time.

One report said the police shot one and the 2nd one killed himself. I wonder what the real story is.

By: dargent7 on 3/18/10 at 8:09

As yet, they don't give the ages, race, etc.
Must make their parent's proud.
Now, they can say, "my boy was shot and killed by Police during a bank robbery".

By: Equanimity on 3/18/10 at 9:20

Let's try to remember that lives ended here, and many others were affected by this trauma. It's never easy for a cop to have to use deadly force. Bank employees were terrorized.

When they rolled out of the sack yesterday, no one could have planned how things would end up that day. It could've been worse but it could've been much better for a lot of people.

By: SirKnight on 3/18/10 at 10:31

VandSIRROM, "Nothing for praise"? Then you say "keep up the good work." Are you being sarcastic and disapproving of the work done by the Gallatin Police? Help me understand your paradoxical comments.

I am very sad these men had to die for a few thousand dollars, but they took the risks and paid the price. I guess they weren't willing to do the time for the crime.