School board gives Jesse Register lofty marks on job performance

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 12:47am

Over the past 12 months, Director of Schools Jesse Register’s job performance ranged somewhere between “very competent” and “outstanding,” according to the Metro Nashville Board of Education.

The school board, comprised of nine members whose primary job is to oversee Metro’s superintendent, gave Register an overall 4.36 rating on a 1 to 5 scale in the board’s 2011 director’s evaluation. After a committee finalized scores last week, the school approved the annual evaluation results at its Tuesday meeting.

“Congratulations, Dr. Register, on another productive year,” board member Gracie Porter said immediately after the vote.

A four rating represents “very competent,” while a five rating stands for “outstanding,” as outlined in a scoring rubric board members used.

The school board ranked Register’s performance on a number of areas –– HR/people management, communications and communications, for example –– to arrive at Register’s cumulative 4.36 score. Fifty percent of the final score is based on Register’s “behavior competency” rating and the other half on results from specific areas.

The high ranking reaffirms the board’s positive relationship with Register, who began his tenure in Metro Nashville Public Schools in 2009. Last May, the board voted to extend Register’s contract through 2015. The 64-year-old Register earns $250,000 annually.

Awarding a lofty ranking in this annual exercise is nothing new for the school board. Register has exceeded a “four” in previous years as well.

On graded areas, a four denotes Register’s performance “exceeded the expectations for this objective.” Board members awarded a five if they felt Register’s “performance results” went beyond expectations.

The following are the grades the board awarded Register on specific areas:

• Cost management: Overseeing the schools budget, Race to the Top dollars and implementation of business practices

Score: 4.36

• Continued operations: Effectively using data for instructional and business decision-making; creating a collaborative, efficient and effective organizational culture; and modifying district and central office organizational structure

Score: 4.21

• HR and People Management: Recruit, retain and develop highly effective teachers and leaders; improve processes for teacher and principal evaluations; and continue to develop and build cooperative working relations with the district staff and unions

Score: 4.18

• Communications and community relations: Develop a comprehensive strategic communications plan; increase active parental participation; increase director of schools’ community involvement; and increase influence on state education policy

Score: 4.48

• Strategic initiatives/project execution: Success execute MNPS Achieves, Metro’s reform agenda, improve student achievement and make gains to decrease in the achievement gap; increase school choices for students and parents

Score 3.63

• Behavior competency: Leading change; executive disposition; driving execution; operational decision-making

Score 4.52

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