Senate overrides governor’s veto of guns-in-bars bill

Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 3:50pm

For the second straight year, the state Senate voted Thursday to override the governor's veto of the guns-in-bars bill. The House, which adopted the bill by a wide margin earlier this session, is expected to override the veto next week.

"On this issue, I respectfully submit to this body that the governor is wrong," Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, said before the Senate's 22-10 vote.

In his veto message, Gov. Phil Bredesen called this year's version "even more expansive and dangerous" than last year's because it lets the state's 300,000 handgun carry permit holders go armed not only into restaurants that happen to serve alcohol but also into any honky-tonk, roadhouse and bar in the state.

But Jackson said, "I haven't gotten a complaint from a single citizen that a permit holder made them feel uncomfortable."

Last year's version sought to exclude bars, but not restaurants that serve alcohol. Davidson County Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman struck down the law as unconstitutionally vague and impossible to enforce.

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By: JeffF on 5/27/10 at 3:00

This will get a certain restaurateurs panties in a twist. Hooray civilization defeats despotism. The Bill of Rights wins.

By: localboy on 5/27/10 at 3:59

What a slight issue for their attention - yawn.

By: dargent7 on 5/27/10 at 6:20

Perfect: Building a $600. million (read:$750 million) dollar New Music Convention Center to attract new business, and then this archaic nonsense. The John Deere and NRA crowds can only fill a certain number of seats. Watch the capacity be at 40% and every redneck scratches his head and wonders "Why"?

By: tv8527 on 5/27/10 at 7:37

Because we Didn't need the damn convention center ,It will never pay for it's self !!!!

By: GUARDIAN on 5/28/10 at 6:14

Welcome comrades of the socialist progressive party. (A.K.A. democrats) You may begin foaming at the mouth now. OH I see one of you morons that hates all things American has already started. This law hasn't hurt any of the states that already have it so it won't hurt Tennessee but it will hurt the feelings of the supporters of the "Terrorist in Chief" in the White House.

By: MetalMan on 5/28/10 at 8:36

Bredesen, like most liberals, just doesn't get it. He's as far removed from main stream Tennesseans as Jim "Clueless" Cooper (the dumbest human being to hit Washington since Jimmy Carter).

By: rpc0909 on 5/28/10 at 9:37

What is it that we don't "get"? That you need to feel well "protected" by carrying your gun with you to go to your local O'Charley's? When is the last time you had to use your gun? You just want to flex your neanderthal muscles.

By: gruntz on 5/28/10 at 10:08

To rpc0909:
You just don't get it. YOU can't pick and choose from the Bill of Rights as if it is a buffet. Do you understand? The right to carry arms is just as important and just as protected as the right to free speech and the right to congregate. If you don't like a part of the constitution there is only one way and should be only one way to eliminate the part and that process is also in the constitution!

By: gruntz on 5/28/10 at 10:10

When the restaurant owners started messing with my rights I stopped going to their restaurants. Power to the people!

By: GUARDIAN on 5/28/10 at 10:55

It's always the same from the foaming at the mouth socialist progressive gun haters. They say things like; When is the last time you had to use your gun? So I say I haven't had a flat tire in over 25 years but I still keep a spare tire in my vehicles. I haven't had a wreck but I still keep my vehicles insured. I've not had a break in at my home or a fire but I keep it insured, an alarm system and fire extinguishers. LOL OR you morons say; You just want to flex your neanderthal muscles. :)NOPE, if the criminal is armed it's just my forefinger that flexes. If there's a bunch of them it can flex it up to 18 times and if there are more than that I have another 17 round mag I carry. After that unless I had my backup pistol on me (only in high crime areas) I would have to flex my neanderthal muscles. I think I remember how. Semper Fi

By: Cookie47 on 5/28/10 at 11:29


Here's a great idea. Lets cancel the new convention center boondoggle we don't need and all will be well. AND, you won't have anything to bitch about anymore. Sounds like a win-win for you and all of us that's getting tired of reading you interjecting the damn thing into every situation concerning the city of Nashville. Let it go, step out into the sunshine, and for the love of everything that's good and holy please try to find a girlfriend.


By: slzy on 5/29/10 at 9:11

drinking alcohol is about as archaic as it gets,unless you are on your death bed.

By: slzy on 5/29/10 at 6:22

if the convention center flops,it can be used for record storage,archives,and an extension of the mission.

By: localboy on 6/1/10 at 8:55

"It's always the same from the foaming at the mouth socialist progressive gun haters"
uh, right, you've certainly made your point.