Shred-It offers to destroy flood victim’s wet documents

Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 8:21pm
Staff reports

As hard as it is to dispose of confidential documents during normal conditions, the task likely seems more daunting when flooding turns those credit card statements and personal papers to a soggy mess.

Metro Public Works and document disposal company Shred-It will be helping flood victims rid themselves of the sensitive personal documents — wet or dry — this weekend at the Disaster Relief Community Shred event.

Shred-It will collect and shred any confidential documents for flood victims from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the Shred-It parking lot at 566 Mainstream Drive in MetroCenter.

“They [Shred-It] actually approached us about having an event like this,” said Public Works spokeswoman Gwen Hopkins-Glascock. “We are involved in helping sponsor and promote it. It’s a way they felt they could give back to the Nashville community.”

Any type of paper can be brought to be shredded free of charge. Paperclips and staples do not need to be removed. Shred-It’s industrial strength shredders can easily handle documents left wet by the flood.

“There were a lot of customers that had their documents ruined in the flood and proper destruction of wet documents can be very expensive,” said Shaneka Davis of Shred-It. “We do community shred events like this two to three times a year but this one came sooner due to necessity. A lot of customers don’t know you can shred wet documents, and they were just throwing them away, but we shred it all.”

And paper shredded by the company doesn’t end up in a landfill; 95 percent of it is recycled and reused in materials such as paper plates.