State Board of Education passes minimum pay schedule for teachers

Friday, June 21, 2013 at 4:14pm

The State Board of Education passed a new minimum pay schedule for teachers during a quarterly meeting on Friday.

The new scale, passed by a 6-3 vote, bumps up the minimum salary by 1.5 percent but implements a new pay schedule that replaces a 21-step increase to just four increases in 20 years.

Tennessee House Democrats opposed the measure, which they claimed would cut pay for the teachers. But state officials claim that the minimum salary schedule only represented a bottom guideline and that local schools will have more flexibility to set their own teacher pay plans. 

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By: JeffF on 6/21/13 at 2:27

I like the reduction in steps. It brings more truth to the public debate when teachers public employees claim they have not received a raise in X years.

By: ancienthighway on 6/21/13 at 2:50

Oh, I want to be a teacher where by law I can only receive 4 pay raises in a 20 year career! I just hope my employer doesn't give me all my raises in my first 4 years of employment where they would be cheaper for him since I wouldn't have the higher education work or work experience.

By: pswindle on 6/21/13 at 3:12

Could you live on the pay of teachers? You think that is fair wages. If Haslam keeps this up, we will not have enough teachers, but this is what he wants, and he wants only the rich to educated. This is what the GOP Governors are doing over this country. We are going back to the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. I can't believe the assault on women and the disadvantaged in this country. It is time to stand up and refuse to take this treatment. This administration has gone after the teachers since he took office, and by getting rid of the unions was the first step. Why would anyone want to teach in TN?

By: TennesseeJed on 6/21/13 at 7:53

The article in its current form doesn't mention whether or not the Board eradicated incentive pay for teachers earning masters and doctorate degrees. Stopping that incentive would be a major blow to the quality of education in Tennessee, as no teacher is about to pay big bucks and spend big time to get a higher degree for which they receive nothing but a diploma to hang on the wall.

By: pswindle on 6/22/13 at 5:05

The only hope is to elect a democratic governor. They know the importance of education and they respect the teachers. Our education has gone downhill since Haslam appointed Hauffman the Education Director. He is pushing the ideas of his ex-wife , Rhee. She has been fired from other school systems for her radical ideas. I knew that Haslam was too smooth talking when he was running for governor. He has come in and is turning this state into what the Chamber of Commerce wants.

By: pswindle on 6/22/13 at 7:36

I now know why the Haslam Administration had to get rid of or weaken the Teacher's Unions because they could not have done to teachers and education what they have done since he took office. There is not anyone to fight for the teachers and education without unions. I can't believe that TN fell for this wimp of a man. What dos he say, "I know that my brother is innocent."

By: joe41 on 6/24/13 at 9:22

Here is another example of where governor haslam is screwing the employees of Tennessee.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Gov. Bill Haslam says he intends to continue privatizing some state government operations.

A contract to have a Chicago-based company manage state office space created controversy. It takes effect July 1 and 126 General Services Department workers will be laid off.

Tell me why that is right?


By: pswindle on 6/24/13 at 10:48

Is there nothing that we as citizens can do to stop this Governor from raping this state of its own workers. Register at the Metro Schools did the same thing in laying off all of its Maintenance Dept. The schools are not clean and day to day operation for the children is not there. This is not better and all things that are private are not working. This will hurt the state and its people.

By: CoyoteCrawford on 6/24/13 at 2:49

Too much government. This legislation is totally unnecessary.