State legislation filed to block proposed Metro nondiscrimination bill

Monday, February 7, 2011 at 5:56pm

Rep. Glen Casada filed his promised state legislation Monday to block a proposed ordinance that would prohibit discrimination against gays and lesbians by companies that do business with Metro Nashville government.

“It’s up to the local business to decide what they will and will not do,” Casada, R-College Grove, told The City Paper in January of his bill, which then was in the drafting stage. “The local government won’t be able to implement their morality on our local businesses.”

Casada’s legislation bars any Tennessee city from adopting anti-discrimination employment policies that protect classes other than those named under the federal Civil Rights Act. That law bans discrimination against workers based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

Metro Council members Mike Jameson, Jamie Hollin and Erica Gilmore want to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of Nashville’s protected classes. Their bill goes before the Metro Council on Feb. 15. It was filed after Belmont University came under fire over the departure of women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe, who revealed she and her same-sex partner are having a child.

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By: Loner on 2/8/11 at 6:28

Republican Glen Casada, the Judeo-Christian theocrat, was quoted as saying, "“It’s up to the local business to decide what they will and will not do,” If they don't care to land government contracts, then that is completely true.

If, however, private business wants to contract with taxpayer-supported. governmental agencies, then no, in that case, we the People decide on the ground rules, not the bigots., the homophobes or lawmakers who are basically . preacher-wannabes.

Casada attended the Lifeway Hate-fest last week and this proposal is the result of that Christian meddling in affairs of state.. The tax-exempt status of Lifeway should be revoked, as they are more of a political action committee than a ministering church group. Contact the IRS and drop the dime on these phonies.

When election time comes around, be sure to target the Bible-thumping bigot, Glen Casada. The guy is a throwback to the Jim Crow period. or worse.

By: lorbnash on 2/8/11 at 6:57

Amazing how these states'-righters love local autonomy until it rubs up against their cultural conservatism. Then they want to use every hammer in the so-called big government toolbox to thwart it.

By: global_citizen on 2/8/11 at 8:08

“It’s up to the local business to decide what they will and will not do,”... “The local government won’t be able to implement their morality on our local businesses.”

Without knowing this was said presently by Glen Casada, one might easily believe this was said in 1850 by Jefferson Davis, or 1960 by Bull Connor.

By: skybolt on 2/8/11 at 8:27

“The local government won’t be able to implement their morality on our local businesses.”

But, he's trying to implement HIS morality on local businesses (and the rest of us). there should be NO discrimination of any sort -- we are all created equal, and should remain so.

By: Loner on 2/8/11 at 8:32

Excellent comment, Global Citizen.....Casada also sounds like (AL) Gov. George Wallace. These knuckle-dragging throwbacks need to be thrown out of office. Southern culture has evolved. These theocratic critters are on an evolutionary dead-end. Extinction becomes them.

By: Antisocialite on 2/8/11 at 9:16

It’s up to the local business to decide what they will and will not do...

It certainly is Mr. Casada!

These local businesses will either decide to continue to do business with the city, and adopt a non-discrimination policy; or they will decide to continue their discriminatory practices and lose out on future city contracts because of their prejudice.

Ain't freedom grand?

By: Lealand419 on 2/8/11 at 10:18

The disgrace is that we still entertain such bigots as Mr. Casada. Hey, this is the 21st century! Isn't it high time for the discrimination to end? Call it what you will, reference it however you care to -- discrimination remains discrimination; bigotry remains bigotry.

By: trtay2004 on 2/8/11 at 11:48

I think you're right Loner. I'm a Christian but I think it's time that the laws were changed to fully tax religious organizations. A lot of them are more business than spiritual.

By: continuum on 2/8/11 at 12:29

Ah . . . . Tennesse . . . the State where a bill a rushes through the legislature to make sure that the majority black Memphis city schools will not merge with the mostly white suburban county schools.

Ah . . . . Tennesse ..... where the legislators encourage you to bring a gun into a bar . . . . I mean what could go wrong when one gets liquored up and is carrying a six-shooter.

Ah . . . . Tennessee.. ..... where the absolutely first thing the new governor does is to exempt himself and his cronies from disclosing where they get their income and who pays them. So much for open transparent government.

By: pswindle on 2/8/11 at 1:15

Glen have you read the Constitution? What about the separation of church and state do you not understand? What about everyone created equal? And you are one to help make laws for TN. Listen up, with Haslam and the GOP controlled senate and house of TN, hang on to your seats. We will end up being the laughing-stock of the nation.

By: ACitizen on 2/8/11 at 1:43

This proposed bill should be roundly defeated in the legislature. Send an e-mail to your state representative and senator and express your opinion.
A Citizen