State officials announce $1.96M grant for Harding Place sidewalks

Monday, August 1, 2011 at 6:10pm
Staff reports

Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer announced Monday a $1.96 million transportation enhancement grant to fund Phase I improvements to Harding Place in south Davidson County.

The project — referred to as the Harding Place Pedestrian Network Project — will add sidewalks (currently there are none) from the foot-traffic-heavy Harding Place from Nolensville Road to Tampa Drive. Officials feel the effort will improve pedestrian safety and connectivity in an area that is home to multi-family residences, retail centers, churches, a hospital and bus stops. 

The Metro Public Works Department will be involved in the effort.

“The Harding Place Pedestrian Network will provide a much needed link between schools, residential areas, and commercial developments,” Haslam said in a release. “These improvements will help keep pedestrians safe and encourage more residents to walk to their destinations. I’m pleased we could make this investment in Davidson County.”

The grant is made possible through a federally funded program TDOT administers.

“Through transportation enhancement grants, TDOT has funded more than $259 million in non-traditional transportation projects,” Schroer said. “Established by Congress in the early 1990s, the program supports activities designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the nation’s transportation system.”

The Davidson County legislative delegation also worked to secure the grant funds.



3 Comments on this post:

By: chetuno on 8/1/11 at 6:28

Sounds like a great first step for pedestrian safety in South Nashville!

By: macjedi on 8/1/11 at 9:58

It is about damn time. Sundquist allowed the Frists to get off cheap by not demanding sidewalks in a wider radius from Southern Hills Hospital. Walmart was allowed to cop out. The public workshops were fruitless for years. The city passed the buck to the state, who passed the buck back to the city... FINALLY after numerous injuries and deaths, "the man" has decided to open his eyes and make this happen. Makes you wonder if it really was a funding issue, or the "minorities" just had to be proven to be the majority of taxpayers before these clowns would listen.

By: JeffF on 8/2/11 at 9:24

Hooray for important infrastructure for actual Nashvillians!! It will be curious to see how much of this money actually makes concrete. I will bet a good part will make it to a well-connected design firm in downtown as well as a McNeely Piggot & Fox contract to crow about it.