State party asks for recount in Henry-Yarbro race

Monday, August 23, 2010 at 8:23pm

There will be a recount in the hotly contested Democratic primary race between state Sen. Douglas Henry and attorney Jeff Yarbro.

The Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee, which serves as the party’s state primary board, voted Monday night to order a recount in the razor-thin District 21 state senate primary that currently shows Henry with an 11-vote lead over Yarbro.

“This is an election, and a vote is the most sacred thing that we really have in our democracy,” said Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester. “Ensuring that everything is done properly is important.”

The decision, cast with the majority of committee members present via teleconference, included a few unidentified number of nay votes.

Under the agreement approved by the party, a four-member Davidson County Election Commission “counting board” will recount votes from voting machines and absentee ballots. Representatives of both campaigns, as well as media, are permitted to monitor the recount.

If Yarbro were to emerge victorious following a recount then Henry would have five days from the time the new count is certified to request a second recount.

Yarbro requested the recount last week, citing the race’s fluctuating vote count, with four different sets of unofficial results having been released since the conclusion of voting on Aug. 5.

Earlier on Monday, the Davidson County Election Commission certified results from the Aug. 5 election and agreed to conduct the recount at 1 p.m. on Tuesday if the party’s state primary board signed off on Yarbro’s request.


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By: EddieA on 8/23/10 at 7:37

Is anyone really surprised? A voting machine missed? Does anyone in their right mind really believe that someone, anyone, would miss a voting machine?

For a quick lesson on politics, check out the 2007 novel 'George's Flag - a novel of political intrigue'. The novel mirrors the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign.

Did you like the campaign slogan of Hope? Hope for a better life for parents and their children. Hope for a better America. Its in the 2007 novel on page 437.

Were you excited when Senator Obama used the phrase, "America is the greatest nation on earth!" during the second presidential debate? It's in the 2007 novel on page 534.

Were you excited when a national holiday was proposed, Obama Day, based on the date of birth of newly elected President Obama? It's in the 2007 novel on page 518. However, in the novel it was passed - June 22.

Did you scratch your head when Senator Obama proposed a civilian miltary, with the weaponry of the U.S. Army, to protect our borders? It's in the 2007 novel on page 343.

Did you like how the Obama campaign placed a slogan on the bottom white stripe of the American flag - the Obama flag? It's in the 2007 novel on page 189.

Did you think the Obama campaign was crazy when they began to solicit small campaign donations from lots of people rather than large donations from a few people? It worked. It also worked in the 2007 novel on page 255.

Two copies are available for checkout at the Nashville Public Library.

By: Funditto on 8/23/10 at 7:49

What's that got to do with the Yarbro/Henry race Mr. EddiaA aka sore loser.

By: bfra on 8/24/10 at 5:28

Fun - Was wondering that myself! Maybe EddieA misread or didn't comprehend the article.

By: grits on 8/24/10 at 9:06

Edward Arnold is the listed author of the book. Think he's related to "EddieA"?

By: EddieA on 8/24/10 at 7:11

The novel is a commentary on American politics - masked in the election of a president. 'George's Flag' was written in 2006, published in 2007, and selected for the Southern Festival of Books in 2007.

The novel has a section on a partial solution to the illegal immigrant problem. A copy was sent to both the Obama and Thompson Presidential campaigns in 2007. Both candidates were requested to consider the partial solution.

Did you like Senator Obama's "Moral Courage" speech? The basis of the speech is in the 2007 novel on pages 134, 198, 475 and 519.

Were you excited when thousands of people attended the Obama rallies; waved American flags; jumped up and down; hugged each other and wept? It’s in the 2007 novel on page 437.

It could be a coincidence. The author attempted to create the perfect political party and the perfect political candidate. When you think about it, Senator Obama was the perfect presidential candidate in the year 2008. What probably explains everything is the author is a good guesser.

As to relevance to the article, politics is like news. Nothing new has been reported. What occurred during the election of 2010; occurred during the fictional election of 2040.