State Senate approves ban on text-messaging drivers

Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 12:37pm
Staff Reports

A proposal that would ban reading or sending cellular phone text messages while driving was passed by the state Senate on Thursday.

The measure sponsored by Sen. Jim Tracy, (R-Shelbyville), was approved 22-6, and would impose a $50 fine for reading or writing text messages while driving.

Opponents argue that public safety officers may not be able to tell the difference between texting and dialing. They claim, too, that texting is already covered under the state's distracted driving law.

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By: Loso on 4/23/09 at 3:13

First of all am i the only one who think this law is stupid? You have too look into the purpose of this bill. Its not to stop people from texting. There's no way a officer can prove you are texting, or dialing a number or just hanging up your phone, or just looking at what time the phone says. All this does is give a reason for cops to profile people. The young, and minority. I know some of you may think it sounds absurd but no, its not. This will be used as a reason for cops to pull people over and find other reasons to write tickets, citations, or worse. Thus increasing revenue for the city. I promise you let a young Latino, or black, or hell, any young male, seen using his phone for one split second he will get pulled over. Our rights and privacies are closer and closer to all being taking from us and you all do not see it. All you all can say is "Good, they need to go to jail!" Silly silly silly. This is as dumb as the law against sagging pants, Irrelevant.