Sundquist calls stopgap state budget

Monday, July 9, 2001 at 1:00am

All but giving up on any tax increase this year, key committees of the Tennessee General Assembly were today to consider an amendment to the bare-bones appropriations bill they passed June 29.

The Senate Finance and House Finance committees, in a joint meeting Sunday, heard a proposal from their legislative staffers that would use every unattached dollar in the budget and still start the 2002-2003 more than $200 million "in the hole."

The new amendment, to the law the state is already operating under (the fiscal year started July 1), could be law by Wednesday.

Gov. Don Sundquist after a quick look at the provisions declared the bill "a disaster" but wouldn't say if he would veto it.

Saturday, the state House of Representatives voted down a last shot at a three-quarter-cent sales tax, which got only 34 votes after House leaders worked the bill for more than 24 hours.

Sunday, Sen. Bob Rochelle (D-Lebanon) told the Finance Committee members that he wouldn

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