TBI arrests Brentwood man for alleged role in iPad theft ring

Friday, February 22, 2013 at 2:55pm
022213 Ngoc Vo Ngo mug.jpg

Ngoc Vo Ngo

A Brentwood man faces a theft charge after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested him Thursday night, claiming he bought nine stolen iPads as part of an alleged multi-county iPad theft ring.

Ngoc Vo Ngo was charged with one count of theft between $1,000 and $10,000.

According to the TBI, the district attorney general requested that the agency investigate a suspected theft ring in which individuals shoplifted iPads from area Wal-Marts and sold them to 30-year-old Ngoc Vo Ngo.

On Thursday, TBI officials say Ngo bought the nine iPads for $2,100 from law enforcement at Jennifer Nails on Ewing Drive in Nashville. Ngo was arrested, and the investigation continues.

The Metro Nashville Police Department and Wal-Mart loss prevention department assisted in the investigation. Ngo was booked into Davidson County jail and released on bond.

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By: Jughead on 2/25/13 at 9:59

Ngoc Ngoc. Who's there?

By: rickmuz on 2/25/13 at 1:32

ROFL... Wal-Mart liss prevention assisted in the investgation. If Wally World LP had been doing their job, there would not have been an investigation in the first place.

By: d4deli on 2/25/13 at 3:38

Walmart is one of the few companies who will investigate and prosecute any theft. Where most companies simply write off the losses, often not involving themselves in the prosecution (I know from experiences, even when the loss is more than $1000). Walmart on the other hand, will go after you for any theft. They will seek restitution. Whem my checks were stolen and spent in various states, including locally at Walgreens and Walmart, none of the other companies who suffered losses were even interested in the name of the suspect when she was caught. They simply write it off as a loss, and then you and I end up paying for it when they add it to their retail prices. I don't like Walmart too much, but I appreciate this about them.

By: rickmuz on 2/26/13 at 4:58

@d4deli: It's not that Wally World is ingratiating itself to you as a victim nor is it that they prosecute to "keep from passing the cost on to us"

Speaking as a former District Asset Protection Manager for a major retail chain, I can safely say they "go after you" because it is a money maker. Many years ago the courts cleared a path that allows retailers to not only pursue you prosecutorially in the criminal courts, but also allow you to pursue the shoplifter or internal thief in the civil courts.

MANY, retailers will not go after you in criminal court, but will sue you in civil court. It is a huge industry and the recovery is quite high because most people DO NOT want to go through the embarrassment of being labeled a thief.