TBI, police arrest men on charges of promoting prostitution

Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 7:52pm

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Metro police arrested two Nashville men on charges that they allegedly promoted prostitution and sexually exploited a minor.

Police arrested Thomas M. Hufford, 55, and Micah L. Toland, 46, on the charges, which, according to the TBI, resulted from a Davidson County grand jury indictment and stemmed from a mid-state investigation into a prostitution operation last year.

On Saturday, TBI agents, along with Metro police, executed a search warrant on Hufford’s apartment where he operated a photography studio called Hufford Photography, according to the TBI. There agents allegedly found evidence Hufford possessed child pornography and promoted prostitution.

Police and the TBI performed a similar search last August on Toland’s home on Branch Oak Trail, seizing related evidence then as well.

David Ridings, attorney for Toland, said that he still looking into the charges filed against his client in a direct presentment to the grand jury. Toland said his client “absolutely” maintains his innocence.

It was unclear if Hufford had hired an attorney.

The case started in February 2010 when the TBI received information that an underage girl had been advertised as a prostitute on Backpage.com. Last September, Frank Atwell of Murfreesboro pleaded guilty to especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, promoting prostitution and solicitation of aggravated statutory rape, according to the TBI.

Both Hufford and Toland are scheduled to be arraigned on May 4.

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By: ROJWIVESCLUB on 5/21/11 at 8:14

As for prostitution in Tennessee maybe the TBI should look at non-profit organizations that are heavily involved in prostitution. Fraternal organizations that fall under the Masonic order such as the Royal Order of Jesters (ROJ) should be at the top of the list. They call the women that attend their ‘STAG’ events JesterGirls which is another name for prostitute. The ROJ have found loop holes in all the systems that allow their members to continue their disgusting behavior. In Memphis the ROJ decided to locate the women in a motel next to the motel where the Jesters were staying for their Book of the Play. By doing this they got around a ruling that came down from Jester headquarters. Because the arrogant men involved are typically influential men in the community this issue is rarely addressed. New York is taking a stand against the ROJ and hopefully Tennessee and other states will do the same.