TBR approves recommended tuition increases

Friday, June 21, 2013 at 3:57pm

The Tennessee Board of Regents has approved maintenance fee/tuition recommendations at its universities and community colleges. These fees are lower this year than in the past two years and will not affect the Tennessee Technology Centers.

The board also took action on recommendations by a number of committees including Finance and Business Operations, Personnel and Compensation, Academic Policies and Programs and Tennessee Technology Centers.

Earlier this month, the board approved a recommendation made by its Committee of Finance and Business Operations to increase maintenance fees/tuition at the system’s 19 community colleges and universities across the state.

According to a TBR release, when combined with already approved mandatory fees, the proposed increases for students taking 15 credit hours will amount to:

• $72 per year at Tennessee State University

• $240 at Austin Peay State University

• $348 at Middle Tennessee State University

• $383 at Tennessee Technological University

• $546 at East Tennessee State University

According to the TBR, the increases are needed to fund the portion of the mandated 1.5 percent salary increase for all state employees that was not funded through state appropriations and inflation cost increases in utilities and insurance.

The board also approved an incentive compensation plan that would allow institution leaders to earn an annual payment tied to exemplary outcomes in performance, primarily related to the outcomes outlined in the state’s funding formula for public higher education.

That formula identifies specific outcomes related to student success, including graduation and retention rates. The plan allows institution leaders to qualify each year for an incentive payment of up to roughly 10 percent of their base salary.