Teacher's alleged rape victim sues Metro government, school board

Monday, April 5, 2010 at 11:45pm

A Nashville woman who says a teacher at Donelson Middle School raped her teenage son is suing Metro government and the school board.

The woman, whose name is not revealed in a lawsuit filed March 31, argues city government and the school board should be held responsible for the physical, mental and emotional pain and anguish her then-13-year-old son faced after Ronald Boykin, a then-37-year-old teacher, allegedly raped and degraded him. At the time, the hiring process at Metro public schools only included criminal background checks; school officials missed that Boykin was wanted at the time in Chattanooga for sexual abuse of children.

Along with raping him multiple times over a three-year period, the suit says Boykin gave the boy alcohol and drugs, spoke inappropriately to him on school premises, and threatened him and his mother if he told anyone what happened.

The woman and her son are asking for punitive and compensatory damages that could top out at $10 million.

This is the second lawsuit filed in a week against Metro government over the spring 2009 Boykin debacle. Last Monday, Jo Patterson, an African-American woman who worked as a director in the school district’s human resources department, sued the city for discrimination, alleging a white man equally culpable for Boykin’s hiring was merely suspended while she was told to resign or be fired.

Boykin’s sinister past was laid bare last March, after a routine records search during a traffic stop revealed he was wanted in Chattanooga for charges related to the sexual abuse of children. The school district fired him shortly thereafter.

Metro’s legal department does not comment on ongoing cases. The plaintiffs’ counsel, the firm Bednarz and Bednarz, could not be reached as of this writing. 

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By: RealityRosie on 4/6/10 at 7:49

Finally. The light shines on the darkness that is MNPS. Unfortunately, for those of us who have been exposed to the darkness, it comes too late. No child of mine will ever attend a school in this district until I know that principals are leaders in learning, and that teachers have the resources they need to become leaders in their classrooms. Oh, and by the way, teachers are never, ever drug tested in MNPS prior to entering the system or on a random basis. MNPS leadership needs to think about that.

By: Crazyharry on 4/6/10 at 8:16

Yes,maybe alittle more in depth look at hirees are needed DUH.All districts have light and dark.Since you don't have a child in the system thanks for your opinion on the sideline I have a 13 and 17 year old in MNPS I'm in the middle of it helping to fix the problems.

By: artsmart on 4/6/10 at 8:31


The are no people successful in fixing MNPS. The only fixes that occur are for individuals who will not disagree with the leadership. A school system that cares does not have the serious issues that this one has. If they cared they would not have to settle with the DOJ for safety on the school buses, they would have steped up and done it themselves. Occasionally the people in charge would be fired not the underlings. This school system is incredibly broken and Register and Fox are clearly not the answers. They are part of the good ol boy system that only looks out for itself.

By: michael thomas on 4/6/10 at 10:15

Amen crazyharry preach on.

By: wasaw on 4/6/10 at 10:23

The central office of the NMPS is "the good old boys" personified. They are presently paying retired individuals, who were formally administrators, to show up at a school for a maximum of 120 days a year, to assist in getting the students to achieve and graduate.

Now let's think this one through. If the retired administrator could not get the job done before he/she retired, on a full time basis, what makes anyone think that they can get the job done while attacking it on a part time basis? All the Board is doing is rewarding the "good old boys" over and over and over and over.

The quality of the central office staff began to fall off the table upon the arrival of Dr. Pedro Garcia. This was during the era when everyone thought that no one knew how to do anything in education, unless it came out of California. Boy, did Nashville students and teachers suffer from that mistake! Garcia brought in his staff of California nitwits, (Sandy Johnson and Scotty Taggert) and quickly turned the table upside down on what had been previously known as successful education. He had to find a job for Johnson's husband so he moved out the Hillwood H.S. principal and inserted Sandy Johnson's husband. What do you think happened to moral within the senior administrators ranks at that point? Remember the Gene Hughes issue? Garcia loved him. He was the scam artist put in charge of H.R. It took us way too long to realize that in Garcia, we had brought in a charlatan; but the damage was already done. And the damage is still there.

The sad thing in all this is that we, Nashvillians, have some of the most talented, loving educators on this planet. They are in the class rooms doing all the hard work, expected to do many things that parents aren't doing. Would you care to speculate how many illegimate children are sitting at the desk of Nashville schools, right now, who don't have a mother, or a father, and have no self esteem or self respect. And we are expecting our teachers to prepare these students for the world?

The central office has a record of protecting those who are in deep seated positions. They deligate but are never held responsible. It is always those at the low end of the totem pole who are held responsible. Why wasn't H.R. doing background and records checks on new hires? They have a security office. Joe Ansderson, a former NMPD captain, was running that office when this teacher was hired. Why wasn't a record and background check conducted?

By: sidneyames on 4/6/10 at 11:53

Article said "and threatened him and his mother if he told anyone what happened."

Lemme tell ya sumthing, sumthing. If my mother were threatened by a teacher, she would have riped his head off the exact minute she learned of the incident. She would have personally created the person a new A$$ h***!

How is it that a parent lets something this vile go on for 3 fricking years and if the parent didn't notice a change in behavior, then there is something wrong with the entire picture.

The school system should vet every worker and/or volunteer that comes in contact with any and all students for even 30 seconds. I blame the school. But I also blame a mother who waits for even 30 seconds. What was she thinking? OR maybe she wasn't thinking.

Yeah I'm hard on parents. But after all, children are a precious gift NOT protected by SOME parents.

By: paulnashtn on 4/6/10 at 4:08

Thank you sidneyames, I had exactly the same thoughts about the parent when I read about the lawsuit