Three arrested, one dead in south Nashville burglary-suicide

Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 7:05pm
Staff reports

Update: Police release name of dead burglary suspect. Nathan Lee Wallace, 19, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

One man is dead and three others were arrested following a home burglary Thursday morning on Logwood Briar Circle in south Nashville.

Police responded to the burglary call just before 10 a.m., and as Officer Terrence Bradley pulled over the getaway vehicle near Edmonson Pike and Old Hickory Boulevard, a 19-year-old suspect in the backseat apparently committed suicide with self-inflicted gunshot wound. The three other suspects exited the car and surrendered. 

One suspect yelled that his friend had been shot, and that’s when officers discovered that the 19-year-old was dead from a gunshot wound to the head. A pistol was recovered beside the victim. The other suspects said the man shot himself when police pulled in behind them.

The three other suspects have now admitted to burglarizing the Shell market on Crossings Place Wednesday, as well as to at least two other Nashville residential burglaries, one residential burglary in Brentwood, and a recent robbery at a Goodlettsville Waffle House.

The three suspects who face a number of criminal charges are: Evan Quinn Bellamy, 19, of Antioch; Anthony James Torrez, 20, of Madison; and Anthony Trey Blackwell, 19, of Madison.

The name of the dead suspect is being withheld pending notification of next-of-kin. He was awaiting adjudication on a home burglary charge in Davidson County Criminal.

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By: Gettinslower on 3/25/10 at 6:52

Good police work!

By: badass76ta on 3/26/10 at 6:10

I knew the guy, don't know why he killed himself, hopefully the law keeps the other guys off the street for good this time. Police arrest them and the courts let them right back out.

By: Kosh III on 3/26/10 at 6:52

5 crimes and guns were used, hang em high!

By: DDG on 3/26/10 at 7:42

Another idiot off the streets.

By: BenDover on 3/26/10 at 8:12

Agree, Kosh. Hang em high.

By: AmyLiorate on 3/26/10 at 9:29

Very sad ending for the choices this young man made.

There is so much opportunity in this land, it's truly a waste for people to go for a life of crime instead of honest work.

Since a gun was involved I hope the other suspects face the harshest penalties for betraying our free society.

By: ethannewman on 3/26/10 at 10:01

Really really bad situation. I sure wish Nathan would not have ended it that way... I really do. I was alright friends with him, but I didn't realize how much trouble he was getting into, I mean, I knew he was getting into trouble, but wow.... not that deep. He will definately be missed, because trust me... he wasn't as bad of a guy as the news made him out to be. He was just like everyone else, just with a hidden life of crime, I reckon. But still sad to see YET ANOTHER friend die.... I believe this brings it to 10 or 11 teen friends dead within a year now.... I just don't know anymore.... Its hard to handle. But whatever.

By: erbymi02 on 3/26/10 at 11:06

Well ethannewman, maybe the next time a friend of yours is in trouble YOU'LL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And stop calling him your friend. Some friend you are!

By: badass76ta on 3/26/10 at 11:22

hey I knew him 2 and had no idea he'd been robbing until about a month ago. It's no ones fault but his own..parents should raise there kids better

By: Loyal Rebel on 3/26/10 at 2:52

This is the second similar incident where a suspect has taken his life before being apprehended. (First was in Wilson County). It is a shame what drugs are doing
to our young folks.

By: DDG on 3/26/10 at 3:00


If THAT many of your friends have died, you MAY (just maybe) want to look at yourself and why you make the friends that you do. I suspect that there is a pattern of bad behavior amongst your peer group.

By: DDG on 3/26/10 at 3:25

"Golly gee, all of my friends are in prison and I can't figure out why, so sad..." Duh!

By: didyouknow on 3/26/10 at 3:30

Okay I just wanted to say a few things about this young man and the comments everyone has made. I wasn't his best friend ,but I did know him and grew up with him. I'll never understand the decisions he made. He did try to turn his life around many times and sadly it never worked out. He did have an amazing grandmother who took care of him and set the best example she could, he went to school and church with me up to a couple of years ago. He was a good guy who ended up making a lot of bad decisions ,but that doesn't give everyone leave to disect his life from what they read in a newspaper article. You have your own reasons for whatever your opinions are ,but that family just lost someone they love dearly even if he wasn't always perfect or good all the time and it's a shame that they might have to see all these comments.

By: Godsincontrol on 3/26/10 at 10:54

Nathan was a great guy. And people do need to stop judging him by what this website says. He was amazing and sweet. I love him and always will. I'll miss you. Rip Nathan lee Wallace.

By: sydwynn on 3/27/10 at 11:35

I agree, I also knew Nathan and even though he made some horrible decisions it doesn't mean he was a horrible guy. He used to be one of my best friends before he left for Nashville and he would have never hurt anyone. I guess he was just addicted to the adrenaline rush and its a shame bc I know he cared about people. As far as the comment about ethan choosing better friends that was unnecessary bc ethan is a good guy also. It doesn't take a mischievous person to die or commit suicide, it takes a sense of hopelessness and u can get that feeling no matter how old you are and what group you mess with. Nathan didnt know his path in life and was put through alot as a child. Its not an excuse for his actions but until you get put into what his life was like don't make him out to be the devil. I just really hate he couldn't take his punishments anymore and that he couldn't truly see who all cared about him. RIP Nathan.

By: swest47 on 3/27/10 at 4:57

Nathan was a valuable human being. He had a lot of really wonderful aspects to his personality. It doesn't make what he did okay. The circumstances of his life are not well known to me, not that it matters. None of us are perfect. Yeah, some will do things that are illegal, or immoral...and it's easy to pay attention to the big stuff. Who among us is not guilty of something. The bible doesn't discriminate about sin, and it isn't up to us to judge one another. That job belongs to God. This kid (and I DO mean kid - he was 19!) made some bad decisions. He was also full of love and life and laughter. I was lucky to experience the positive part of Nathan. He was welcome in my home. He was valuable and worthy of our care and concern. I wish that he could have seen his way through the difficulties he had created, because I truly believe he would have had a lot to offer this world. I'll miss him.

Nathan, I hope you have found peace. I will always think of you fondly. God bless to your family.

By: badass76ta on 3/28/10 at 1:21

don't brek into peoples housesand rob stores with guns. How hard is it to NOT be a criminal. You learn right from wrong pretty young. He didn't deserve death, just needed guidance.

By: rollinblunts on 7/2/10 at 4:05

I just found out what happened i met nathan threw a friend and we used to hang out before i was sent to a group home, he was a generous and caring person he would always help friends out, i will miss him R.I.P Nathan.