Three family members who lost home to fire now suspects

Monday, May 21, 2001 at 1:00am

At least some of the money collected for a Brentwood family whose home was destroyed by fire has been turned over to them. But three of the family members are now under suspicion about the cause of the blaze.

Centennial High School assistant principal Philip Jones, his wife Kimberly and her mother, Wanda Martin, are considered suspects in the blaze, according to information released by the Brentwood Police Department. Martin lives with the family at 1511 Knox Valley Drive.

Centennial, Lipscomb Elementary and Brentwood Middle School parents have been collecting donations for the family since the day after a suspicious fire destroyed the home.

The family was out of town when the fire occurred, but Brentwood Police and state arson investigators have searched four storage units rented by Kimberly Jones just before the fire yielding evidence that Brentwood Police Lt. Jeff Hughes said could be

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