Three Metro entities require supplemental budget funds

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 6:05pm

Three areas of Metro government require supplemental financial appropriations to make it through the current 2011-12 fiscal year, Metro Finance Director Rich Riebeling said Tuesday.

Mayor Karl Dean’s administration plans to file resolutions in the coming weeks that would use the city’s reserves to bolster Metro’s injured-on-duty fund and the budgets of the codes department and the Nashville Farmers’ Market. All three require more dollars than originally set aside in Metro’s operating budget for the current year.

By far the largest supplemental request is $3 million for the city’s injured-on-duty fund, which is reserved for Metro workers hurt on the job.

According to Riebeling, this particular fund is operating under a $7.5 million deficit. The financial supplement, if approved by the council, would go toward a three-year plan to eliminate that deficit completely.

Asked during a budget presentation to the Metro Council how the deficit has accrued, Riebeling said many injured workers stay on the program too long and that, in general, health care costs have increased. He also suggested safety needs to be stressed to workers.

“Frankly, I think there’s been a lack of a focus on safety in some of the departments,” he said.

The codes department is seeking $200,000 additional funds. All dollars would go toward the demolition of a blighted former publishing building on 24th Avenue North in Nashville. The building burned in 2010, and neighbors have complained about the eyesore for years.

“This is a blight to the city,” Riebeling said. “It needs to come down.”

The Nashville Farmers’ Market, the subject of a recent audit that found an array of management and financing deficiencies, is in need of an additional $66,000. 

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By: Ask01 on 5/3/12 at 3:44

I cannot help but wonder how much money would be available if so much corporate welfare had not been handed out by our mayor and city council.

I wonder why all these issues are addressed now that the MCC is well underway and deals have been cut giving substantial tax breaks to businesses with the excuse 'they will create jobs?' What sort of jobs, though? Full time, well paying employment, or part time, seasonal, minimum wage?

By: willtw on 5/3/12 at 5:29

Our Mayor is requesting a tax rate increase.....In light of the recent giveaways to corporate interests, it is time things freeze, depts tighten belts like all it's citizens have had to do and Metro starts acting like a business instead of a public charity! Increased taxes hurt not only citizens but stimmies business expansion and now is not the time to go begging for more public funding. A lot of us were opposed to the massive convention project in light of the economy but O yesssssssssssssss, we had to have a new facility or "katie bars the door...."

By: govskeptic on 5/3/12 at 6:03

Injured on duty fund being out of wack is no surprise to most. First of all
far too many employees with minor injuries many private employees would
continue on with as part of life, is a time off and extra money for Government
employees. Secondly, it's too easy to get medical diagnosis supporting
time off. Third, the legal department quickly agrees to virtually any law
suit that is filed in these matters, and often in excess of their true worth
if there's any real worth or not!

By: RJP on 5/3/12 at 6:43

rjp Doze the farmers market and build your condo"s there MAYOR DEAN!