Three teens arrested following Music Row vehicle break-ins

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 2:57pm
Staff reports

Citizen complaints regarding three young men breaking into vehicles in the Music Row area led to Monday night’s arrest of two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old.

In a release, the Metro Nashville Police Department said West Precinct officers saturated the area and located the suspects in the 700 block of 18th Avenue South at 8:45 p.m. All three allegedly admitted their involvement in the break-ins. They are charged in Juvenile Court with six felony counts each of burglary of a motor vehicle.

The 15-year-old was convicted in May of burglary of a motor vehicle. One of the 16-year-old teens was convicted of aggravated burglary in April. 

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By: dwight14 on 8/23/11 at 2:04

im telling you...what this state and most states need is several boot camps for teens...any repeat offender should be sent to one for 6 months...some first time depending on the crime or trouble they cause...i know some will say but its the parents responsibilty and i agree..but sometimes it gets out of control and beyond what parents can do...time out,taking away tv,computors,games etc just dont work sometimes...some r so rebelious that as soon as they come out from under their imposed restrctions,bam,right back at it soon...we can no longer spank our and my wife raised 3 and it worked with them..grounding,taking away playtime was wonderful for us..we never had to spank...but we were lucky...once they hit 14,let em go to a boot camp...raise what they eat..clean their living quarters,learn to cook what they eat..learn to sew,replace buttons etc...give em recreation time in the "yard" computers,no cell phones,no video games...they earn their right to watch tv but then only for a little while...get em off their butts,keep em moving...the tv ad for the arthritis medicine which says a body in motion tends to stay in motion is true...
when i was a child,we had the fear of being sent didnt like that idea and it scared most yes,our tax dollars being spent for this to help straighten ut our youths would make more sense than some programs that dont work..and hey,it would create some jobs for those who ran the camps...

By: relliott on 8/23/11 at 4:13

If he was convicted in May, what is he doing on the street already?
Another breakdown in our wonderful Juvenile Justice System.

By: bfra on 8/24/11 at 3:01

When teens put themselves in criminal situations, treat them like adults & criminals, publish their names & quit molly coddling them!

By: dargent7 on 8/24/11 at 5:33

3 pieces of cr**p. Throw the book at them. I'm assuming they smashed the window or took a screw driver to the locks. Most cars have alarms so the window won't trigger it.
Ever pick glass off your floor and seats for 6 months after these depraved punks attempt to steal something from the car?
What were they going for? Someone's cell phone, purse, sunglaees, radar dectector, briefcase?
On second thought, hang 'em.

By: Radix on 8/24/11 at 8:29

Dwight, +1 on the Boot Camp idea. These guys aren't too old to be rehabilitated, but no one is doing it. Boot Camp will.

By: Writeman on 8/24/11 at 8:34

Right, boot camp is a great idea, but first, give them a hard kick with a boot; might help to knock some sense into them, even for a moment.