Traffic accident involving Haynesworth led to hip replacement surgery for young man

Friday, February 13, 2009 at 1:00am

A December traffic accident involving Tennessee Titans star Albert Haynesworth led to the 25-year-old driver of the other vehicle having hip replacement surgery, while also potentially violating the defensive tackle’s probation set just four days before the crash took place.

The Dec. 13 wreck took place on I-65 in Williamson County, where the district attorney is looking into whether or not Haynesworth violated his probation by not reporting the accident to his probation officer.

According to a witness to the accident quoted in a police report, Haynesworth was driving his 2008 Ferrari 599GTB at high speeds on the interstate. The driver of the other car, 25-year-old Corey Dewan Edmondson of Antioch, made a defensive maneuver to avoid Haynesworth and eventually crashed his Grand Marquis into the median.

As a result of the accident, Edmondson told The City Paper he had to have hip replacement surgery. Edmondson also hired an attorney in response to the incident.

Prior to the hip replacement, Edmondson's lawyer Jon Perry said that his client underwent several unsuccessful operations in an attempt to save the hip.

Perry also commented that Haynesworth was Edmondson's favorite Titan player, but his client was upset that "Haynesworth has not visited, called or sent a card."

Edmondson, who had his own building-cleaning business, has been confined to a wheelchair and a walker since the accident.

"As Haynesworth is negotiating his next multimillion dollar contract, Mr. Edmondson can’t work and can’t pay his household bills. He can only move by wheelchair or walker," Perry said.

Haynesworth's agent issued a written response to the accident and comments made by Perry and Edmondson.

"Albert was involved in an automobile accident in December [that] occurred the morning after it had snowed over half an inch the night before in Brentwood and the temperature that morning was in the low 30s," wrote Chad Speck of Allegiant Management, LLC. "There were slick spots on the road and when the accident occurred Albert immediately pulled over and called the police. He was not cited by officers at the time and did not leave the scene until instructed to do so by a police officer."

Speck said Haynesworth was completely unaware of any injuries sustained by anyone involved in the accident at the time.

"Mr. Edmonson’s injuries are unfortunate and Albert certainly wishes him a very speedy recovery," he said.

Haynesworth was on probation for a March incident in which he was driving 103 in a 70 mile per hour zone. He was placed on probation as part of a diversionary agreement with the Williamson County District Attorney’s office just four days prior to the wreck involving Edmondson.

“At that time, in discussion with his attorney, we agreed whereby if he complied with the diversionary program set forth that the ticket would be removed from his record. That is the same sort of consideration we would give to any other citizen,” Williamson County district attorney Kim Helper said. “And four days later, he was traveling on I-65 again, and by the accounts of a witness was involved in a crash where speed was a factor and where a gentleman suffered serious injuries and eventually had to have hip replacement surgery.”

Haynesworth was charged with careless driving as a result of the accident, although that charge was dismissed. He was also charged with expired registration.

Coming off one of his best seasons with the Titans, Haynesworth is about to enter free agency where he could become one of the NFL’s highest paid defensive players ever.

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