Transit fares to increase Friday

Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 3:14pm
Staff reports

Starting Friday, Jan. 6, transit riders must pay higher fares for services on Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority buses and AccessRide as well as for Regional Transportation Authority bus passengers.

The MTA board of directors approved last month a 10 cent increase in the basic cash fare and a 20 cent increase in the AccessRide cash fare. The prices of unlimited ride passes and other multi-ride fare media also have been adjusted proportionally.

Also in December, the RTA board of directors approved a 50-cent increase in its regional express bus fare. The new price of a 20-ride R&R pass will be $70.

In approving the fare hikes, transit officials pointed to rising health care costs, coupled with fuel and operating demands as the reasons the increases were necessary.

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By: slzy on 1/5/12 at 5:15

I know Dean says he can't see anything when he drives to work,but I can.

If the mayor could see,he would see many people standing in the elements waiting for a bus.

Can't the Rushmore like sculpture on Todds Knob of Dean,Bredeson,and Steine or whatever grandiose scheme they have in mind,be put on hold till ample bus shelters are built?

By: yucchhii on 1/6/12 at 10:26

Ladies and gentlemen, the DIShonerable mayor karl DINK!!! Only a DINK would destroy a city the way he does Nashville!!!