Trial continued for security guard charged with murder

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 1:12pm

The murder trial of the security guard accused of killing a man in the parking lot of a south Nashville sports bar has been continued until Aug. 24.

Attorneys could not settle a dispute over what the jury charge would have been during the trial of Jeremy Holmes, 29, who is charged with second-degree murder for shooting Adam Villegas, 34, outside Marathon Sports Bar at Nipper’s Corner last year.

Attorneys had a dispute over what the jury charge would have been for Holmes’ planned claim he shot Villegas in self-defense.

The incident occurred May 16, 2008, when Holmes was working as a security guard. Villegas arrived for drinks that night and, according to Metro Police, Holmes said Villegas had “a bunch” to drink.

Villegas got into his Saturn Ion to leave the Marathon parking lot and Holmes circled around to check his license plate number. When Villegas put the car in reverse, Holmes went to the side of the vehicle, pulled his gun and ordered Villegas to stop, according to police. When Villegas didn’t, Holmes shot him one time in the neck. Villegas died on the scene.

Holmes told detectives he fired the shot, because he feared being hit by the car.

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By: pandabear on 6/10/09 at 7:02

As far as how much he had to drink,
the bartender can tell you exactly how much he had,
how much he tipped, what condition he was in, etc.

If Holmes was behind Villegas, maybe Villegas
couldn't see him well enough to know he was a
security guard. In that case, Villegas might of thought
he was being robbed by a guy behind him with a gun.

In any case, Holmes placed himself in a position of
danger by walking behind the car.
Why couldn't he have just walked away ?

By: frank brown on 6/10/09 at 8:17

Security guards are security guards for reasons that should scare a lot of people.

By: jbp1964 on 6/12/09 at 11:45

As far as the bartender is concerned, he is only interested in making a buck. Despite what you may think, bartenders are not going to stop anybody from drinking. As of Villegas thinking he was being robbed, Holmes was in uniform as a member of some sort of security, he is as good as a cop. Villegas should have stopped what he was doing and listened to Holmes but he decided to challenge Holmes. Holmes placing himself in a position of danger, well what do you think armed security guards do, hide behind their mothers skirt tails, no they have a job to do and they do it the best that they can! How else is he supposed to check the license plate on the car, he had to move behind the car to do this, tell me what you would do when the idiot behind the wheel try's to run you down, this is self defense in a major way. Anybody in this position would do the very same thing. Villegas was using his car as a weapon so Holmes had no choose. When you have alcohol and drugs involved, you are asking for trouble. The grand jury was stupid or trying to make some points for putting a murder charge against Holmes, he deserves a medal of valor for ridding the streets of a drunken idiot from the streets! The grand jury should charge the parents with not raising their son correctly!!!