Two men face drug charges following search at Vanderbilt residence hall

Friday, March 23, 2012 at 1:48pm
Staff reports

Officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department arrested two men on Vanderbilt's campus Thursday after conducting a narcotics search inside a university residence hall.

Dylan Sipevestein, 21, and Douglas Galluzo, 19, face felony drug charges after police allegedly traced a suspicious package, according to an affidavit.

Police claim they waited for Galluzo to pick up the package at Cole Hall and received consent from him to open it. The package allegedly contained 206.1 grams of marijuana — nearly half a pound. 

Meanwhile, police alleged that Sipevestein texted Galluzo about the status of the package. Officers went to Sipevestein's room where, according to the affidavit, they recovered 27.7 grams of marijuana, $1,108 and drug paraphernalia.

Galluzo made his $1,000 bond Friday morning, while Sipevestein bonded out of jail for $6,000.

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By: Booglet on 3/23/12 at 11:35

These kids were obviously an absolute menace to society. I wonder if the cost of surveillance, cost of housing, and cost of prosecution were worth the ruination of the lives of theses two kids. Where is the freedom and liberty in these actions? How is smoking a plant some egregious crime? It's ok for tobacco and alcohol, how in the name of everything decent and reasonable do we continue to imprison people for this?!?!??

By: MetalMan on 3/24/12 at 6:08

Booglet, you are exactly right, what an idiotic, archaic law! And think of the tax payers' $$$ spent on this no-win effort.