Two ‘OG’ Crips members convicted on federal drug conspiracy charges

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 5:53pm

A federal jury has convicted two members of the Rollin’ 60s Crips street gang in Nashville as part of a larger investigation of more than 30 gang members and associated.

Leonard Baugh (aka “Hype”) and Omega Harris (aka “Nino,” aka “Q”), both of Nashville, were convicted of multiple charges after a five-week trial, according to the office of Jerry E. Martin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee.

According to evidence submitted at trial, both defendants held the rank of “OG,” or Original Gangster, the gang’s highest rank.

Baugh, 35, was serving a state prison sentence Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville at the time of his offenses. The trial proof showed he routinely used a contraband cellphone while in Tennessee’s highest security prison to arrange two armed robberies and illegal activity.

Harris, also 35, was convicted of conspiracy to distribute the cocaine that was to be taken during the planned robberies as well as conspiring to distribute large amounts of prescription drugs including Oxycontin in various Nashville public housing developments. Authorities are continuing to investigate how Harris obtained prescription drugs in bulk quantities.

Both defendants are to be sentenced in June.

More than 30 Rollin’ 60s gang members and associates, including five holding the highest rank of “OG,” have been arrested as a result of the investigation.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, many of those charger have pleaded guilty, while others still face trials on charges including drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit armed robberies, firearms offenses and obstruction of justice.

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By: Jughead on 4/3/13 at 11:51

I wish these two (and their punkazz pals) could be executed. Remember---CRIPS=Cowards Run In Packs.

By: Jughead on 4/3/13 at 4:25

Most CRIPS are gay.

By: whitegravy on 4/4/13 at 12:48

if u cripin....u probly tripin....eventually u be slippin, then.....u on the way to the pen.....2 get out, an do it all agin.....just another bangin day.....dont know no other way......