Unique local artists to appear 'Live on the Green'

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 3:22pm

Karl Dean — public defender, Metro legal director, Nashville’s mayor and now, concert host.

Mayor Dean announced the formation of a new weekly concert series, which will begin Sept. 3 and take place in front of the historic downtown courthouse on the public square. The “Live on the Green” series, which will be co-hosted by Lightning 100, will be free to the public and will have an environmentally friendly angle as well.

In a press release, Dean called the concert series an opportunity to “enhance the relationships between the music industry, Metro government and the Nashville community.”

Dean said he was interested in bringing more live music options to Nashville and mentioned the need for more live venues as well.

"I think in talking to people in the music industry it was clear to me the city needed to have a closer relationship with the industry," Dean said in response to what sparked his interest in bringing more live music options to the city.

Lightning 100 is still working on booking artists to perform at Live on the Green, but a preliminary list includes Citizen Cope, Space Capone, Here Come the Mummies and Ricky Young.

Aaron Winters, lead singer of Space Capone which will be playing one of the events, said it was encouraging to see mayor dean get behind live on the green.

"It's the biggest step since Lighting 100 and Next Big Nashville (a local music festival)" Winters said. "You're saying your going to put some local artists with some national acts. People just don't know how seldom that happens anymore."

“Nashville has a unique identity as Music City, and I can think of no better way to celebrate our local talent than to host a free concert series in the heart of downtown,” Dean said. “I thank Lightning 100 for making Live On the Green possible, and for sharing my priority of making this an environmentally sustainable event.”

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By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/8/09 at 1:19

About damn time.

By: ChesterfieldAve on 7/8/09 at 1:56

This is great news for the city of Nashville. I have been missing Dancing In The District for some time now. Looking foward to it.