Veteran Metro educator Ralph Thompson announces retirement

Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 4:31pm
Staff reports

Ralph Thompson, a 35-year veteran of Metro Nashville Public Schools and the district’s superintendent of student services, announced his retirement Thursday.

Thompson, who oversees safety and student disciplinary polices for the district, is set to officially step down at the end of this month.

“This district has been my professional home for 35 years,” Thompson said in a statement. “So I will miss it, and the people within it, very much.”

A graduate of Metro’s old North High School, Thompson joined the district in 1976 as a gym teacher. He later became principal at Jere Baxter Middle School before serving stints as principal at Glenview Elementary, Isaac Litton Middle and Pearl-Cohn High schools. In 2001, he joined Metro’s central office.

“Mr. Thompson has poured a tremendous amount of energy and work into our public schools,” Director of Schools Jesse Register said. “His leadership skills, character and passion for public education have touched the lives of thousands of individuals in our community, young and old.”

A press release from the district said Thompson has no other plans other than “R and R.”

The release did not reveal Thompson’s successor or how the district plans to conduct the search to replace him. 

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By: artsmart on 6/16/11 at 4:17

This should have happened 34 years ago. Maybe they will get someone in there now that is interested in the safety of children first and title and ego will come second.

By: on 6/16/11 at 9:47

I have had the opportunity to witness the tremendous impact this man has had on the lives of children on both macro and micro levels. He has dedicated his life to serve children and the Nashville community. He will definitely be missed.

By: familymom on 6/16/11 at 10:03

He is a awfull person just like Mrs. Downey and Laura Hall. Dupont Hadley Middle School and MNPS let my son down. My son tried to kill himself because the white kids where calling my son stupid N and ugly N almost everyday .They did nothing. Mr. Thompson knew about it, I told my story at the school board meeting in Jan. 2011 about bullying .they all acted so concern but nobody called to check on my son or my family. MNPS LET MY SON AND MY FAMILY DOWN.

By: global_citizen on 6/17/11 at 6:51

Ralph Thompson will not be missed.

He's one of the all too many people at MNPS given an executive level position (and executive level salary) who didn't really have to do much and didn't. Other than show up on TV once in a while to explain why the schools weren't really as bad as everyone knew them to be and how he and others at MNPS were doing a great job despite public perception (and statistics).

By: GWatkions on 6/17/11 at 8:55

Mr. Thompson did a GREAT JOB. It was only one of Him. He could only do what the system would allow. When someone is trying to help, we (Blacks) needs to join forces and assist. We need to WAKE UP and SPEAK UP. Stop blaming someone else for what you could or should have done.

By: edspec on 6/17/11 at 9:21

The amount of time and money Ralph Thompson wasted on wasteful schemes and gadgetry makes this a welcome change. It's not that he is a mean person, but that he was unqualified and untrained for his job and that resulted in mean actions, because of the basic defensive posture MNPS required of employees. I believe the new director is changing that, and this retirement is a continued step in that direction.

By: familymom on 6/17/11 at 10:13

We blacks need to join forces are you crazy ,laura Hall, Mrs Edward, Mrs Downey and the list goes on and on let my son down, and talked to me and my husband like they didn't give a shit at a meeting we had in Dec. I cryed my heart out asking for help for my son before it even got this far ,I almost lost my son because they didn't take it seriously .How would you feel if you saw your 12 year old son hanging with a extension cord around his neck and your 16 daughter goes down stairs to check on him and he's hanging and hearing her scream this death scream and me and my husband run down stairs to see that , and saying he's a ugly N looking in the mirror saying it over and over how would you feel.They didn't do enough they let this go on at school for months .They did nothing ,the only thing they care about is getting a paycheck. SO YOU WAKE UP GWatkions.

By: JohnGalt on 6/17/11 at 11:36

Thompson finally ran out of excuses. Buh bye.

By: GWatkions on 6/17/11 at 11:40

No, I am not crazy.
I am sorry you took my comments personally, and foremost sorry to hear of the incident involving your son.