Vice mayor makes Metro Council committee chair appointments

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 1:26pm

Sean McGuire, the Green Hills representative who managed to stay out of contentious citywide issues during his first term and made few remarks on the floor, is the new chair of the Metro Council’s Budget and Finance Committee.

Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors announced her committee appointments Tuesday evening. McGuire, re-elected in August to his District 25 seat, replaces At-large Councilwoman Megan Barry as the council’s most powerful committee chair. At-large Councilman Ronnie Steine chaired the Budget and Finance Committee before Barry. 

Other Neighbors’ committee appointments are:

Tim Garrett –– Charter Revision Committee

Jerry Maynard –– Codes, Fair and Farmers Market Committee

Charlie Tygard –– Convention, Tourism and Public Entertainment Facilities Committee

Lonnell Matthews Jr. –– Education Committee

Sandra Moore –– Federal Grants Review Committee

Edith Langster –– Health, Hospitals and Social Services Committee

Darren Jernigan –– Parks, Library and Recreation Committee

Bo Mitchell –– Public Safety-Beer and Regulated Beverages Committee

Walter Hunt –– Public Works Committee

Ronnie Steine –– Rules-Confirmations-Public Elections Committee

Buddy Baker –– Transportation and Aviation Committee

The council will elect chairs of the Traffic and Parking, and Planning, Zoning and Historical committees.

Each year, committee chairs are subject to change, with the exception of those of Traffic and Parking, and Planning, Zoning and Historical committees, which are chosen by council members to serve two-year terms.  

“I am pleased that these individuals have agreed to take a leadership role in next year’s Metro Council,” Neighbors said in a statement.

The first meeting of the newly elected 2011-15 council is Oct. 4.  

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By: Shane Smiley on 9/22/11 at 1:49

Jerry Maynard –– Codes, Fair and Farmers Market Committee.

Really?, Maynard is one of a handful of Council Members who voted against the Fairgrounds at every turn and even suggested on a radio talk show that "Redeveloping the Fairgrounds was like shutting down a crack house in a local neighborhood"
Now he chairs the committee who oversees the actions of the Fair Board?
This is our local Government at work. Unfortunately, they are not working to benefit the people of Nashville.
I guess the Vice-Mayor doesn't care what 71% of Davidson County voters said when they voted to Save the Fairgrounds.
If she did, you would see more people on this committee who voted in favor of Saving this Historic property.
Jerry Maynard should not even be considered for the board, let alone be allowed the Chair.

I guess the Red Army will have to band together once again and get her attention.

By: govskeptic on 9/22/11 at 5:11

Not a single committee chair should come as a surprise to a single
voter in this city. The Vice-Chair ran as a partner to the Mayor and was
supported by most of the Non-profit and liberal groups within the city.
What 71% or 99% of what the citizens want makes no difference when
compared to the agenda of the Administration wishes. Each chairman
was appointed to either advance certain agendas or to protect the
"establishment" against those crazy voters out there who make think
somethings just aren't right!

By: global_citizen on 9/22/11 at 6:37

gov, I think either your math is off or you are mistaken in your generalization about what the citizens want. The people of Nashville are the ones who elected Karl Dean, Diane Neighbors and the members of the Metro Council. They're not going to elect (and re-elect) people who do things they don't like. So obviously a majority of Nashville citizens think these folks are taking Nashville in the right direction.

By: JeffF on 9/22/11 at 11:56

I find humor with the naming of the shoplifter to the rules committee.