Vote tonight on Metro budget should be quick, easy

Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 1:00am

Metro Council members don't expect any controversial discussions or amendments tonight as they vote on an operating budget very similar to Mayor Bill Purcell's proposed $1.23 billion package. The budget includes an

88-cent property tax hike.

"I'm just about finished looking at the budget," said Howard Gentry Jr., chairman of the Council's Budget and Finance Committee. "Numerous amendments

and wish-list items have been suggested, and all are being taken under strong consideration."

As has been his policy from the beginning of the budget process, Gentry declined to speak in specifics. However, some Council members predict a substitute budget Gentry is expected to offer will support the 88-cent tax hike. Those Council members say the budget might contain a bit more money for storm water management, for example, than the mayor

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