Weekly Obsession: Game day entertainment

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 10:05pm

Day One Titans’ season-ticket holders have a neat trick.

After 13 seasons at LP Field, they can — with alarming accuracy — predict which video will next appear on the Jumbotron, which song will be played next and what T-Rac’s next antic will be.

There hasn’t been much change in the in-game presentation since the team moved to the East Bank.

The Titans are trying to change that.

The Metropolitan Sports Authority gave its unanimous approval for the team to build — at its own expense, watchdogs — a 30-foot-by-27-foot stage under the north end zone scoreboard in time for the fall.

While the Titans say, in theory, the stage could be used for the concerts they insist they are trying to attract, the primary usage will be for in-game performances: between-quarters sets from the umpteen-thousand troubadours who call Nashville home.

It’s something their professional sports brethren have done at Fifth and Broadway for years: a cover band dutifully strumming a catalog of choices from the 1975 Billboard Hot 100, with occasional special guests ranging from Ricky Skaggs to Charlie Daniels to Alice Cooper.

While the Titans continue to announce sellouts on Sundays, a keen eye can see that some PSL holders are often opting out of a trip to the stadium, and perhaps that has as much to do with the staleness of the off-the-field programming as the relative lack of success on the field.

Props to the Titans for trying a little out-of-the-box thinking — and for doing it on their own dime. It’s another upgrade to their facility in a summer filled with them, joining the higher-dollar renovations of adding new elevators, a new sound system and a whole bagful of whiz-bang bells and whistles to LP Field.

Maybe, just maybe, those longtime fans will get caught by surprise this year.